Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. The software suite includes Word, Excel PowerPoint and more

Deal Expired.

Office Enterprise 2007
Word 2007
Excel 2007
PowerPoint 2007
Outlook 2007
OneNote 2007
Groove 2007
Publisher 2007
Access 2007
InfoPath 2007
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What's the matter?
cmosbo Mar 12, 2010
what was the Code? It isnt on here anymore.
chucks4 Mar 12, 2010
this was a great deal!!!! Worked for me, without a hitch.
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lbkimball Mar 11, 2010
It totally worked - no catch! Amazing.
tristanpr Mar 11, 2010
This offer seems to be expried by now, but if you have a valid .edu email address you can score the Office Ultimate Suite (includes all the stuff listed above) for 59.95. Even better, the Microsoft Home User Program does not qualify for the Office 2010 free upgrade program but the microsoft ultimate steal promotion seems to do (this is not an offical claim so please confirm this before you proceed)
tristanpr Mar 11, 2010
Not working. Tried gmail, hotmail and enterprise domains an it failed. Any other way to try this? The following error code is displayed.

"We are sorry, but we are unable to complete your request.
The following problem(s) exist:
We are unable to qualify you with the email domain and program code you have provided. Please confirm with your benefits administrator that they are correct."
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luna6922 Mar 11, 2010
got the same response. If anyone can assist - that would be great.
GuitarHeroSaver Mar 11, 2010
worked for me awhile ago. possible the offer is now dead, but people have been saying it someitmes depends on what email address you're using. generally a generic email (not a school or business one) has been getting a beter sucess rate.
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xduck37 Mar 11, 2010
This is NOT a coupon or a deal. This is abuse and illegal sharing of the Home Use Program benefit for a particular Volume Licensing customer.
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BeHappy Mar 11, 2010
I don't know about the legality of it, but it sure seems like one heck of a DEAL.
chicagolefty Mar 11, 2010
Definitely NOT should be removed
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fvillaabrille Mar 11, 2010
Here's the Microsoft link (for those who are skeptical),
fvillaabrille Mar 11, 2010
Sorry, here's the correct link:
niftyifty Mar 11, 2010
Worked with my hotmail address. I did some checking up and found reference to the program on microsoft's website. Just google Microsoft home use program and skip the first couple links. It sounds like it is intended for government employees.
override11 Mar 11, 2010
downloaded, installed, and activated (got the CD key instantly online), sweet
smautza Mar 11, 2010
can`t be so cheap..they would really lose money.
override11 Mar 11, 2010
how would they lose money? Cost to provide download, maybe 5 cents... you dont think they have made their development costs back already, really?
jmste755 Mar 11, 2010
My employer sent us a program code for this too. The home use program is legit. I'm not sure about sharing that code with others. Some are saying it works.
tunococ Mar 11, 2010
Read the terms on Microsoft HUP program first. IT'S NOT FOR EVERYONE. I don't think you can get it unless your employer tells you.
MatthiasVance Mar 11, 2010
Doesn't work because it rejects my e-mail address.
yulongying Mar 10, 2010
I think this is a fake web. THINK MORE, "I think it's not host by Digital River or Microsoft"
niftyifty Mar 11, 2010
Download was indeed hosted by digital river.
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vintagegeek Mar 10, 2010
This seems a little too good to be true. Has anyone ACTUALLY downloaded and installed the software?
meghs2k Mar 10, 2010
I don't understand why my work email - actually a state university id didnt work, and yahoo did...
cstironkat Mar 10, 2010
Thank you so much, this will be a great help for my college classes. Right now I have to go to school and use their computers.
kevin1979 Mar 10, 2010
It's for government employees only, so I'd be careful about doing this.
heinzdong Mar 10, 2010
Too low price to be true~~~
bgriffler Mar 10, 2010
You should be eligible for the upgrade to 2010 when it becomes available. It should also work for multiple home computers. However, be very careful. Using HUP in this manner is not legal.
TheJammer Mar 10, 2010
Does anyone know if by downloading this, I will be eligible for the upgrade to Office 2010 in October-ish? That would be a niiice bonus. Thumbs up if you agree :-D
jamadi Mar 10, 2010
No you won't :)
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raju332 Mar 10, 2010
hoabruce Mar 10, 2010
awesome deal thanks
blopatin Mar 10, 2010
Wow, I can't believe this is a real deal, I won't even say what I paid a year ago for this, thanks!
nimrodboy3 Mar 10, 2010
whoa..noice price!
kkrathi Mar 10, 2010
does anyone know if it will work on more than 1 home computer?
akaricke Mar 10, 2010
I used a gmail address and it worked perfect. Others are reporting only Gmail working for them too.
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