Native Flutes For Relaxation new age/world sampler "Native Flutes For Relaxation" by Various Artists


1. Bliss (From Healing Flute Chakras) Jessita Reyes 3:57
2. Sleep Memory (From Native Nocturnes) Jessita Reyes 5:24
3. Civilizations Lost (From Flute Dreams) Alice Gomez 3:21
4. Summoning Winds (From Gathering Of Shamen) Native Flute Ensemble 2:28
5. Within The Lodge (From Visions & Healing) Ben Tavera King 3:44
6. Spirit Rock (From Santa Fe Healings) Ben Tavera King 3:33
7. Invoking Hawk's Spirit (From Sun Chasers) Native Flute Collection 3:34
8. Mystic Temple (From Flute Dreams) Alice Gomez 3:27
9. Santa Fe To Bombay (From Native Raga) Native Flute Ensemble 3:01
10. Sacred Flutes (From Healing Flutes Of The Andes) Alice Gomez 3:38
11. Deer Spirit Renewal (From Yoga Southwest) Native Flute Ensemble 2:00
12. Empowerment At The Base (From Healing Flute Chakras) Jessita Reyes 6:43
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What's the matter?
thengodmademe Jul 03, 2010
very relaxing music and easy to download
jamadi May 10, 2010
Only for the 48 states...
DizzyLizzy May 10, 2010
If it's free, why not?? really does seem relaxing.
kissme May 10, 2010
i love the sound of flute.. is this bamboo flute??
shwaashwaa May 10, 2010
great! need to listen something b4 go to sleep
Plustastic May 10, 2010
sounds super relaxing, i love these kinds of albums. time for a nap!