NOKIA N900 Unlocked Smartphone

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Sundevil Aug 27, 2010
Alive again, code changes to "5RMTRF1H8QS3DF".
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gettyimage May 18, 2010
Wow..very good deal for a very good phone....
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DealFinder86 May 18, 2010
price drop with code: "0187GT1T9QXHC9"
DealFinder86 May 12, 2010
looks like this new code is still working, thanks!
DealFinder86 Mar 07, 2010
"We're sorry, the coupon code you have entered has already expired or has reached the maximum redemption limit"
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difayni Mar 07, 2010
i want to buy it.. but the code doesn't work !! WHY?
Acarone Mar 07, 2010
it expired
difayni Mar 07, 2010
the code doesn't work !!
grajasekar Mar 05, 2010
You guys should take a look at amazon too. They have some good deals on for unlocked smartphones.
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janglebyte Mar 04, 2010
this phone is very slick.
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bossusa Mar 04, 2010
seen this as low as $430... I would wait...
jklyank Mar 04, 2010
$449 for any phone is retarded
ioan Mar 04, 2010
This is an unlocked phone. You don't need a contract to use this phone on any network.
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SaleRack Mar 04, 2010
This phone looks awesome! And this is a great price. Look at the comparison!
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ddrecreational Jan 29, 2010
iPhone contract expires in June. This just might be my next phone.
Jan 29, 2010
Will work with AT&T 3G according to the specs:


WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
sam97kitty Jan 29, 2010
but i dont like the price
sam97kitty Jan 29, 2010
JessNYCA Jan 29, 2010
The code works!! And this smartphone looks awesome
akaricke Jan 29, 2010
MR2NCGS?ZTG63B is still working for me.
Jan 25, 2010
Coupon expired...
DizzyLizzy Jan 14, 2010
still kinda pricy i think!
hugz2def Jan 14, 2010
Just so you guys know these are a few fast facts about the phone:

yes it support 3g in the US but only on the bands of T-mobile.
this phone was set to be released october pushed to november release, and many orders were pushed to a december and january release date because of demand.
This is a techie device, so make sure you do your research before you buy.
It has a great qwerty keyboard but probably not for the teenage texter.
great web browsing experience.
Touch screen, resistive ( pressure ) not capacitive like apples touchscreen but is very sensitive to touch.
Many complain it's an unfinished product because of software, but recently, nokia provided a minor and a major update patch to the device

This will probably be the lowest price you'll see in a while
I had a horrible experience buying this from dell in november and reordered from amazon. But that was when the phone was in high demand, so it'd probably be safer bet to buy it now

I'm RogerTHAcctant from
dripdd Jan 14, 2010
Here is a cell phone master!!
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ioan Jan 14, 2010
I got this phone from Dell, and is the best phone/internet tablet I ever had. It has multitasking, 5M photo/video camera, Skype build in the OS (!), Google Talk build in the OS (!). When you select a contact, you have the options: call with cellphone, call with Skype, call with Google Talk (same for SMS). The browser is a full feature browser, beats the iPhone browser by 100 miles.
ioan Jan 14, 2010
... something else: This is an *unlocked* phone. You can use it on ANY provider you want. T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Orange, Boostmobile, etc.
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skyk Jan 14, 2010
Therefore, this is a good deal!!
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austin38 Jan 15, 2010
wow you know a lott about this! thanks for all the information!
vukidam Jan 24, 2010
wtf hahah look at ur face thats fucking gay ever !! hahah
Dec 09, 2009
@bk123456: Was it with US 3G? From what I understand, it has been already released with International 3G but not US 3G.
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hugz2def Jan 14, 2010
It will have 3g support for t mobile
ioan Jan 14, 2010
The phone is unlocked, you can use it with ANY cellular provider you want
bk123456 Dec 08, 2009
wierd "Pre Order"?
My friend bought this a week ago...
hugz2def Jan 14, 2010
The phone's official release date was in november.

I think dell just means that the shipment hasn't arrived yet
Nov 25, 2009
is it a touch screen?
hugz2def Jan 14, 2010
Yes it's has touchscreen, resistive touch screen to be exact. It's not the same touchscreen that's on a iphone, but it's still very receptive to touch.

Resistive screens are receptive of pressure from your fingers or any object. While capacitive touchscreens only are receptive of touch from your fingers, thumb, or lit objects such as a syllus (digital pen). So with resistive you can use the screen using any object because as long as you apply pressure it should be fine, but the downfall is isn't capable for multi-touch implementations such as pinch zooming
hugz2def Jan 14, 2010
correction: Stylus (digital pen), not syllus, lol i think i was thinking of the word syllabus.
mrswoodward Nov 25, 2009
Real cool looking phone!
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DealFinder86 Nov 05, 2009
wish i could afford it, still outa my range
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wutthedealyo Nov 05, 2009
this phone looks pretty sleek ( wide-screen and keyboard are great)
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