Norelco G370 Trimmer

•SteelWave Technology: superior cutting revolutionary wave-shaped, self-sharpening blades channel and cut hair for a precise and even facial hair trim
•AccuControl system with flexing guide comb follows exact contour of your face
•Flexing guide comb is simple to maneuver and easily trims difficult to reach areas such as neck and chin
•9 locking length settings vary cutting length to ensure a perfecttime every time
•Full-size Phillips Norelco facial hair trimmer
•Mini shaver shaves and finishes lines and edges
•Hair clipper with 9 locking length settings
•Beard trimmer and moustache trimmer with 9 locking length settings
•Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer
•Precision beard trimmer creates and defines intricate styles
•Trimming attachments can be rinsed to clean
•Rechargeable cordless for trimming without a cord
•Cleaning brush, grooming comb
•Sliding On/Off switch
•Maintenance-free; no lubrication (oil) needed
•Philips Norelco trimmer has 60-day money-back guarantee
•Full two year warranty
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What's the matter?
xrjohn Apr 16, 2013
great price, i've always been a fan of norelco
LisaNtom08 Apr 09, 2013
Wow this is a great price for this set!!
Jlowry Apr 09, 2013
great deal I could always use a new trimmer.
aznballa161 Apr 09, 2013
nice looking trimmer for a great price. would get if i knew how to use it..
bossusa Apr 09, 2013
how do you guys cut your own hair?
dvinegrace83 Apr 09, 2013
@bossusa I don't know about everybody else but hubby just shaves the whole thing off! Done and done!
rd995 Apr 09, 2013
good price on this trimmer and its rechargeable that means i can take it with me when i travel thanks for sharing
FibroMom Apr 09, 2013
With Father's Day coming up - this would make a nice gift! Very nice price! Thanks for the great deal! :)
rockinnrolla Apr 09, 2013
WOW what a great price for this trimmers! Gonna show the hubby. :)
ancagavs Apr 09, 2013
a new update, a better price now. we bought a new one a few months back for $15.
DealLeader Apr 09, 2013
@ancagavs It was a great deal at $15; even better now.
MrBklynW Apr 09, 2013
this is a great price, glad to see it back again
mnvikings11 Apr 08, 2013
I bought the Gillette version for under $8 & is outstanding.
boricua1 Mar 30, 2013
really nice price for this..gonna get this for my brother
shopange08 Mar 29, 2013
My boyfriend could use another one of these! Great price
poe601 Mar 29, 2013
Great price for a trimmer and free store pick up is awesome.
psplove Mar 29, 2013
$5 Shipping to me.
ukaran Mar 29, 2013
I bought this Good Trimmer at higher price. But this is worth buying that too at deal price. Great find.
ancagavs Apr 09, 2013
@ukaran yup, we bought one a few months back for a higher price too
vimalr Mar 29, 2013
i have this trimmer. Got this for $20 from walmart. Good one. Nice deal for $10.
dealio23 Mar 29, 2013
Picking this up for my dad, thanks for sharing!
alecupope Mar 29, 2013
good price. don't know the brand very well though.
ancagavs Apr 09, 2013
@alecupope for that price, the brand doesn't matter that much :)
alecupope Apr 09, 2013
@ancagavs yeah, maybe you're right.
MrBklynW Mar 28, 2013
This is a great deal. thanks!
Dexterous Mar 28, 2013
Great price for trimmer, nice find
backspace Mar 28, 2013
great price from my local store..nice set to have
bbattag Mar 28, 2013
Nice, low priced trimmer. Wonder how long it will actually last
tanush6 Mar 28, 2013
saves lot of trip to the saloon
tanush6 Mar 28, 2013
best price i can imagine on a trimmer
littlexu Mar 28, 2013
Great price on norelco trimmer. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
tpark6283 Mar 28, 2013
The mr has been saying he would love a new one, great price!
indracer Mar 28, 2013
Great find, I just ordered one. Thank you!
supermawmaw4 Mar 28, 2013
My boys would really like this set
Durr21 Mar 28, 2013
Great price for these I need these I always have to keep my hair tamed
seanvcxz Mar 28, 2013
Oh perfect I need a new one of these bad. The one I have right now is like 10 years old. No idea how it even still work!
themoneyman1113 Mar 28, 2013
Good buy. This set has good reviews too. Thanks for sharing.
psplove Mar 23, 2013
I'm getting $18.84. deal expired?
LisaNtom08 Mar 22, 2013
very nice price for norelco this is a good brand
krmills1 Mar 22, 2013
I have this exact trimmer, but I think I paid about $15 for it at walmart, it holds a charge for a long time, only have to charge it about once a month.
micheal74 Mar 22, 2013
nice set
dvinegrace83 Dec 27, 2011
looks like amazon also prices theirs at $13.97, but if i had my choice between an online store and a regular store selling at the same price, it would be a regular store w/ a physical store location nearby so i could return it easily if there's any kinda problem.but amazon's is free supersaver shipping so that's another thing to think about
ilene285 Dec 25, 2011
Great price!