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fluffy Jul 04, 2010
I used to go for these free after rebate AV software deals, but I like my AV software to keep quiet unless I have an actual malware problem. Norton & McAfee constantly harass you to upgrade to the full suite. I used AVG free for a while, then that too became chatty. I now use the free Microsoft Security Essentials, and I haven't had any problems with either malware or my computer time being interrupted over nothing of consequence.
mymechi Jul 04, 2010
great deal! Just don't forget to send in the rebate.
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skaro964 May 31, 2010
If you surf the web Norton will keep your computer running smoothly. Too get it free on top of that you can't beat this deal.
LoveIt May 31, 2010
Love that this deal keeps coming back!
DealOrNoDeal May 17, 2010
i always use norton...they work good
mahoneycutt May 16, 2010
I bought this same package a year ago from Fry and
the rebate worked fine. A couple of tips:
1. Read the instructions carefully
2. Make copies of all the forms before you send them

Mike Honeycutt
wutthedealyo May 16, 2010
yeah hopefully the rebate works, thanks for the post!
pipipig Feb 10, 2010
good if you can get the rebate, not so good without!