Ozeri Gen II Digital MultiFunction Bathroom Scale (Instant Weight, Body Fat & Water Measurements)

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What's the matter?
helloamy1977 Jan 27, 2013
You wont find a cheaper fat measuring scale than this. Such a great deal. Too bad I missed out. Now the price is back up. Hopefully it comes down in the future.
mikhaila Jan 27, 2013
nice price compared to the retail price. Thanks for sharing
LindaKNor Jan 27, 2013
My old scale is from the sixties and has one function. I actually can't believe it still works. I think it's time for a new one.
zoneric Jan 27, 2013
good to own a scale. to check your weight. thanks for sharing.
ukaran Jan 27, 2013
You can maintain your body weight by using this scale. Nice Find
alecupope Jan 27, 2013
good to have one of these to check my weight from time to time.
MrBklynW Jan 26, 2013
this is a great price, that is one nice looking scale. nice find
arsiel Jan 26, 2013
A lot of cool features on this scale. According to reviews, they might not always be accurate but it could be worth a try :p
nimase85 Jan 26, 2013
This is a pretty interesting looking scale but it does seem like a really good price... Thanks for sharing
poe601 Jan 26, 2013
Great features and awesome price for it too.
shopange08 Jan 26, 2013
Pretty cool scale. I'd love to be able to tell people my excess weight is all water. :)
Stevenflower Jan 26, 2013
Looks like a great offer. I should try this one.
alecupope Jan 27, 2013
it's an excellent offer. the price drop is very good.
themoneyman1113 Jan 26, 2013
Neat looking scale. Too fancy actually for me to stand on and give me news I already know, I need to lose a few pounds :--)
alice483 Jan 26, 2013
I don't See $8.99 price drop in cart. please help ..
FibroMom Jan 26, 2013
Super price for a scale with these capabilities - and SO sleek looking! Thanks for sharing this great price drop!
ilene285 Jan 26, 2013
This looks like a really nice scale. Great price.
shimisi Jan 26, 2013
It still amazes me how something can measure body fat when you just stand on it :D
arsiel Jan 26, 2013
While it amazes you, it depresses me :x I GUESS it's a nice function to have lol
Christine Jan 27, 2013
agreed!!! how and whyyy?!
xrjohn Jan 25, 2013
Great price for so many functions. I should get one.
plusit Jan 25, 2013
It not only looks cool but it has all the functions I could want. nice deal!
austin38 Jan 25, 2013
This scale is so cool looking....not like normal scales! hahaha
Christine Jan 27, 2013
agreed! i wasn't even sure what it was when i first saw it. super neat for sure!