Periodic Table Bacon T-Shirt

The newest element on the periodic table is bacon! Be sure to get your daily dose of bacon. Scientists agree it can really help boost your metabolism!

Please note that XXL and XXXL sizes cost $.99 cents more per shirt!
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What's the matter?
JiujitsuMaster Aug 23, 2010
I love Bacon!
Darkwolf Aug 22, 2010
Almost as good as Bacon Baby formula! Observe the picture:
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Plustastic Aug 22, 2010
is that for real? haha... only in america
Darkwolf Aug 22, 2010
It sure is, Us Americans love us some Bacon! lol
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suicycle Aug 22, 2010
Pork bellies are so delicious!
gonnagettaviper Aug 21, 2010
wonder Aug 21, 2010
an element recently discovered in pork , it reacts in presence of excess heat and anticipation , resulting in sizzling hot strips and big fat guts