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Plus a Deal: iPhone 3GS Giveaway ( members only)

Plus a Deal: iPhone 3GS Giveaway ( members only)
We're giving out an iPhone 3GS for members only. The rules are simple:

Plus a deal at least once a day for 10 days, especially fresh deals!

It doesn't have to be 10 days straight, but you'll need to plus at least one deal a day for 10 days, within the next 30 days.

Hint: Check your status with the Giveaways tab.

Alright! We have the winner! hollowex!! Congrats to you!!!

Contest officially ends March 1, 2010.
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What's the matter?
hollowex Jul 16, 2010
Just wanted to give an update. I received an Apple gift card from I figured I would wait and get the iPhone4 but I've decided after having checked it out that I really don't want it (I tend to drop my phone a lot). Now I'm thinking I'll wait for the new Nano to come out. lol Will probably end up getting a Samsung Captivate...

as always... thanks and everyone...
dsweetestangel Mar 03, 2010
congrats hollowex! Enjoy!
Lilllie Mar 03, 2010
yeah..go hollowex!! have fun with the iphone
hollowex Mar 02, 2010
Thanks! and thanks everyone!
Planecrazy Mar 03, 2010
Congrats! Post back when you get it set up. I'm sure we're all curious to find out how a free iPhone is ultimately setup with service. Will you be locked in to AT&T or will the phone be "unlocked" for use with any provider? Inquiring minds look forward to finding out!

Regards, and Congrats again!
bossusa Mar 02, 2010
this must be unlocked, or gotta sign 2 yr contrast..

Anyways, congrats man.. Great Giveaway. !!!
nimrodboy3 Mar 02, 2010
congrats hollowex! awesome giveaway! ENJOY!
hamstergirl Mar 02, 2010
winner is hollowex. Thanks everyone for participating! Be sure to check out new exciting giveaways in the future.
TheJammer Mar 02, 2010
Good point. Thanks @shalom24!
shalom24 Mar 02, 2010
So.. the possibility of winning is probably what, 1:3,000-6,000? Which is most likely a lot better than winning the lottery! (which would be more like 1:3,000,000-6,000,000). Best of luck everyone! And great giveaways Dealsplus Mods!
bossusa Mar 02, 2010
There are around 40,000 following on twitter.
maven3 Mar 02, 2010
I'm under the impression that there are a lot more than 6,000 active users. I'd love to know this, is there anyway to find out? Can the mods tell us?
PGLUKHOV Mar 02, 2010
They'll announce it, trust me :)
dragonxeric Mar 02, 2010
Are they really announcing it today?
Kaylovely Mar 01, 2010
Wake up!!! Lol! I know, I know....It will be announced tomorrow a.k.a today for me. I'd loovveeeeeeee to win. Good Luck folks. =)
missblaze38 Mar 01, 2010
oops i meant good luck every 1:)
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missblaze38 Mar 01, 2010
godd luck every 1 :)
nimrodboy3 Mar 01, 2010
good luck all.
ShariCakes Feb 27, 2010
Hoping for one too :-) Pick me, pickme :-)
Kaylovely Feb 25, 2010
Come on ME, PICK ME! Good Luck Everyone=)
chirucharans Feb 24, 2010
cool . . . cool . . . dealsplus (all memebers) will posting great deals... BEST OF LUCK
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rareprincess Feb 24, 2010
it has been my dream to own an iphone since the iphone 2g came out !!

but i never had the ability to go and buy one

thank you so much for this giveaway

hope i win !!
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Tennesse1 Feb 23, 2010
I Finally have the time to enjoy something that I love and thats dealsplus, "I will be a helpful contributer", I Hope!
tmg5888 Feb 23, 2010
i would love this helps out people who have disabilities like myself..I have always wanted one of these but can't afford winning this iphone would be sooo awesome !!! thnkx..xoxoxo
Divat81 Feb 23, 2010
I want one of these soooo bad.
coreynaimee1997 Feb 23, 2010
Love it!
hermione9713 Feb 23, 2010
great giveaway! the ipod touch is so nice
DudeFromUkraine Feb 22, 2010
Greta giveaways, very useful site, keep it up!
CruisnGrrl Feb 22, 2010
The nice thing about this is that it just works, it works with your mac, it works with your pc.
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tfrankson Feb 22, 2010
Oh I would really love to win this
VuduDoll Feb 22, 2010
this id pretty tight.
taetoon Feb 21, 2010
dealerdude Feb 20, 2010
duanggirl Feb 18, 2010
JaimeMathis Feb 18, 2010
I'm new to this so I really don't understand what I'm doing right now lol. Anyways, I would really LOVE to win this so if you could please help me out, of course I'm willing to follow, comment, or do anything to help you out as well =] Thank you guys.
AKaddanotherA Feb 22, 2010
All it takes is clicking the "plus +" on any of the deals. It's in a green box with a number above it with the number of plusses. You'll find it below the product picture on all deals.
Maximus696 Feb 17, 2010
Zach2010 Feb 17, 2010
I'm set to win!
shellroc Feb 16, 2010
This is my first time on this site. and when it comes to giveaways, I usually don't win.. actually, not sure what to do...?
AKaddanotherA Feb 22, 2010
Just replied to another users post, so this is just copied and pasted: All it takes is clicking the "plus +" on any of the deals. It's in a green box with a number above it with the number of plusses. You'll find it below the product picture on all deals.
waterbluff Feb 16, 2010
love this IPHONE wish to get one really bad hope I win
Kaylovely Feb 16, 2010
*Looks around and then yells* "Who's calling me?" It's me. "Me who?" The iphone 3GS that wants to come home with you. *Screams* "YAAAA!" LOL! Good Luck Everyone. =)
ThePriceIsRight Feb 12, 2010
hotrodjustin Feb 11, 2010
ounce i did the 10 days what do i do next.
Acarone Feb 11, 2010
if you did the 10 days then you are entered, just wait and see if you win! check your status on the giveaway page to make sure your entered
Kaylovely Feb 10, 2010
I really want this. How do you guys go about choosing anyways? I know its random, but how randomly?!
Kaylovely Feb 08, 2010
Hey! I've done my 10 plus's for 10 days and it has yet to say done. Now I have 11. Umm???
bathrobewarrior Feb 08, 2010
Same here, I have more than 10 plus's for 10 days and mine doesn't say done either!
AKaddanotherA Feb 22, 2010
It might just take a little while for the page to show the progress.
ishmeehlai Feb 05, 2010
Definitely need one of these please.
ddpark Feb 04, 2010
Would love to win this!
jenni104 Feb 02, 2010
Love all of the prizes and the deals too!
dsweetestangel Feb 01, 2010
love this!
azvagabond Feb 01, 2010
shaezi Jan 31, 2010
great giveaway, thanks!
kodell Jan 30, 2010
Love these giveaways! Will love even more if I win one!
Vickz Jan 29, 2010
Damn! Want it sooo badd....
ninabergeron Jan 29, 2010
one want one!