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Post a Comment: iPod Touch Giveaway ( members only)

Post a Comment: iPod Touch Giveaway ( members only)
We're giving out an iPod Touch for members only. The rules are simple:

Post a useful* comment on any deal at least once a day for 10 days!

It doesn't have to be 10 days straight, but you'll need to post at least one comment a day for 10 days, within the next 30 days.

Hint: Check your status with the Giveaways tab.

Contest officially ends March 24, 2010.
Congrats to joyce88, you are the WINNER!!!

*Note: When we say "useful" we mean that no simple phrase such as "sweet" or spamming will be take into consideration. Even though such comments will show on your Giveaway checklist, they won't be counted.
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What's the matter?
lapislazzuli Mar 26, 2010
I kiss your feet if I win ahaha
nimrodboy3 Mar 26, 2010
Congrats joyce88. Great toy.
TheJammer Mar 25, 2010
So. When do we find out. Excited to know if it is me :) Btw, who "thumbs-down"ed the deal and why?! haha
olgaga Mar 25, 2010
so who won? Is it meeeeee???? )))))))
lapislazzuli Mar 25, 2010
I want to wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
nimrodboy3 Mar 25, 2010
same here..actually..i guess we probably all do :P. good luck to you and everyone else.
lapislazzuli Mar 26, 2010
:) thanks
Tennesse1 Mar 24, 2010
I thought,"What a terrific idea!
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pimped_out Mar 24, 2010
I wonder if I could win.
Vickz Mar 24, 2010
For me pleazeee...
nimrodboy3 Mar 24, 2010
good luck.
lapislazzuli Mar 24, 2010
twinsploitation Mar 24, 2010
Today's the ending day!
missblaze38 Mar 24, 2010
good luck every 1(:
hansenpj05 Mar 23, 2010
please enter me
Acarone Mar 23, 2010
you might be too late. you needed to post a comment on any deal at least once a day for 10 days... but the contest ends tomorrow. check your status with the giveaway tab, maybe you already qualified
lapislazzuli Mar 23, 2010
nimrodboy3 Mar 23, 2010
woot woot..excitation..woot woot!
VegasLiz Mar 22, 2010
Retweeting again @VegsaLiz
lapislazzuli Mar 22, 2010
the winner isssssssss.... :D
nimrodboy3 Mar 21, 2010
by the way..just wanted to say thanks for all the giveaways. seems like DP has been pretty busy with them a bunch of other stuff. i can't join in on the twitter or facebook giveaways..but i still appreciate the member giveaways. just sharin'..
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nimrodboy3 Mar 21, 2010
my dad can totally use one.
amylanders Mar 21, 2010
this would greatly help me at work, i hope to win it.
lapislazzuli Mar 21, 2010
the beautiful ipod touch :D
OhEmmGeeGissel Mar 20, 2010
a iPod Touch would let me to navigate the campus area easily, with a built in gps locater and a default Google Maps app, all I have to do is download a map of the area I'm in while in Wi-Fi, choose a destination, and start walking.
OhEmmGeeGissel Mar 20, 2010
i wanna soon win a ipod from dealsplus .. (:
psychicgoddess18 Mar 20, 2010
well ii guess ill keep posting comments until something happens i guess.....6 more to go
psychicgoddess18 Mar 19, 2010
okay well this guy says that this is not a scam, but i am still not sure untill i win or know anyone personally who won. i still have to post 7 more comments to win, that is all i have to do right? i think that it is going to end before i get a chance to finish my comments... i might have to restart on the 25 i guess?
bmwrugrat1 Mar 19, 2010
My brother wanted the Ipod touch so badly. He is very sick right now and I don't have enough money to get him one so I really badly want to win this. Please!
aaronpost Mar 19, 2010
FYI to everyone, this is not a SCAM! I am holding (thank you very much) an iPod touch in my hands from, won it last week.

These guys (and gals) rock!

Posting pic's and videos soon! Thanks again
emplin Mar 18, 2010
psychicgoddess18 Mar 18, 2010
well this is my second time commenting and i guess ill give this site a try but you can never know if this is a scam if you dont try of course if i dont receive anything ill defiantly know that this is a big scam you know something to waist your time on......... tell me if you think the same...:)
jonathasnew Mar 17, 2010
Well, this is the first time I try...
gilliamzoo Mar 17, 2010
“Winning isn't's the only thing.” - Vincent Van Gogh
psychicgoddess18 Mar 16, 2010
wow this i so amazing i love his web site thing you can win i wish i could be the one to win i guess well see in 9 more comments...................
gilliamzoo Mar 16, 2010
"An Ipod touch is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere" -Chinese Proverb (updated)
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OhEmmGeeGissel Mar 15, 2010
Hoping i win the ipod touch too. I get lots of deals on this site . Especially the laptops sections.
whathe12 Mar 15, 2010
This is a pretty awesome site. I like it!
gilliamzoo Mar 15, 2010
Why should I win? Because my current phone is a Razr.... I think I deserve something cool.
NyNiTy Mar 14, 2010
To keep your ears from popping while flying in an airplane. Suck on some hard candy.
dombeatles Mar 14, 2010
Because i've been needing a itouch for a while but never could afford one! this deal is PERFECT!
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joyce88 Mar 14, 2010
I commented and hope I win the iPod Touch giveaway.
cameronwannawin Mar 14, 2010
Did you know that the longest word you can spell with only the top letters on the keyboard is rupturewort!!!!!!!!! at 11 letters:)
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cameronwannawin Mar 13, 2010
"Love is like a bird....if you let it loose it flies away...if you hold it too tight it dies."- anonymous
OhEmmGeeGissel Mar 13, 2010
No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver or purple ..
dombeatles Mar 12, 2010
ricfin Mar 12, 2010
Ok.. i am ready for this. I hope the iPod ready too
dombeatles Mar 12, 2010
David Cook is the most awesome person in the world.
dombeatles Mar 12, 2010
David Cook =P
OhEmmGeeGissel Mar 12, 2010
?Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history:Spades - King David, Hearts - Charlemagne, Clubs - Alexander theGreat, Diamonds -" Julius Caesar
gilliamzoo Mar 12, 2010
"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who do not have an ipod touch." ~Alvin Toffler (updated)
Emaxx Mar 09, 2010
I wanna win!!! I need a new one because my screen is cracked all over. Well I guess I don't need it, but it would be a nice gift to satisfy this burning need I have for a new one.
Emaxx Mar 09, 2010
I have the first gen ipod touch and it's a really useful ipod actually. My screen got smashed a few years ago but I still use it for music and to text and stuff like that and it still works almost perfectly even though I've had it for a couple years now. The screen is really responsive and you get used to it really quick. Awesome product. For the win Apple.