8-Pc Rubbermaid Food Storage Container Set

Amazon is offering this 8-Pc Rubbermaid Food Storage Container Set for only $14.99, usually sold for $23.99. This container set features a vent system that helps extend the life of food and seals freshness. You can put it in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.

Set Features:
  • 1x 14-cup
  • 1x 5-cup
  • 2x 2-cup food-storage containers
  • 4x lids
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What's the matter?
dddsss Apr 29, 2013
I see $15 now
themoneyman1113 Apr 22, 2013
Nice set, my pet peeve is spoiled fruit and veggies, such a waste. Thanks for sharing, pretty good deal
alecupope Apr 22, 2013
I like those strawberries. but these fruit don't last too much around me to put in storage :)
rockinnrolla Apr 22, 2013
I can always use some more good storage containers! Super price!
DealLeader Apr 22, 2013
The price is certainly good, and the color is great too.
MrBklynW Apr 22, 2013
great price for this. thanks for sharing!
lotuslove19 Apr 21, 2013
Great brand to buy,they are very useful,I am using them,the price drop is also cool,must buy product!
blackfoot Apr 21, 2013
Great brand of storage containers, nice find.
dddsss Apr 21, 2013
When updating, it would be great if we would make a note of the price change.
shopange08 Apr 21, 2013
@dddsss I know you didn't update the price, so what exactly did you update?
dddsss Apr 21, 2013
I was just trying to add the sizes. What was your update?
shopange08 Apr 21, 2013
@dddsss my update was an actual price drop, plus i added the description. And you "tried" to add sizes? I don't see anything different than what I updated.
shopange08 Apr 21, 2013
@dddsss I'm not trying to be a jerk. But my biggest peeve on this site is when people "update" deals without an actual price drop. Adding something descriptive about the product does not, to me, count as a valid update. It can easily be commented on.
dddsss Apr 21, 2013
I wasn't accusing you of anything at all. I just can't remember what the previous prices were, just saying it would be great to know what the prices have been.[I always try to leave the previous information up in parentheses, so that people will know]. Was trying to add the sizes so I can compare between products more easily, but dp obviously didn't put it up. Wasn't trying to out – update you or anything.
dddsss Apr 21, 2013
Anyways, what was the price change?
shopange08 Apr 21, 2013
@dddsss I can't give you the exact number but i know it was at least a couple bucks.
dddsss Apr 29, 2013
[I couldn't respond further that day] in this case, what difference does it make if I tried to add some details, because we were both on the post anyways. I thought my update before yours was for a similar price. Hard to recall. I would like to see the whole list of previous updaters, previous prices and details retained in the post.[fixed typos-posted 5 days ago]
Dexterous Apr 21, 2013
great quality for suach an affordable price
dealio23 Apr 21, 2013
I've heard great things about these. Awesome price!
YesBoss Apr 21, 2013
Nice Find, Very Good Price For 8-Pc Food Storage Container Set .
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 21, 2013
Gotta love Rubbermaid quality!...and this price:)
zoneric Apr 21, 2013
ni set. and a great price. thanks for the update.
mikhaila Apr 21, 2013
Pretty good price, beats all the other competitors
FibroMom Apr 21, 2013
Excellent price and I like the colors of the lids! In for a set. Thanks for sharing this! :)
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shopange08 Apr 21, 2013
@FibroMom I placed an order for two sets. I'm so tired of throwing produce (and money) away! Got fantastic reviews on Amazon. :)
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LokaFreeThings2 Apr 21, 2013
I'm always running out of tupperware so this is great. I have my kitchen in green too:)
Mishumoshu Apr 21, 2013
A set of 8 pieces at this price is great. I like to have him in the kitchen.
plusit Mar 15, 2013
These extends shelf-life of produce (compared to conventional storage methods)
blusky Mar 15, 2013
These containers are fantastic. Great if you have a kid
talley0005 Mar 14, 2011
its back up to $14.99
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dinodirect2011 Mar 14, 2011
Great deals!
Myee5422 Mar 13, 2011
omegafemale Mar 12, 2011
another price drop!
omegafemale Mar 13, 2011
thanx for the update! :)
Swabee Mar 07, 2011
I love the color on this set!
Tinimorales Feb 19, 2011
Rarely is a deal from Amazon "free shipping" UNLESS it is with an $25 or more order or an individual seller has free shipping,but I never really see those!
FireFold Aug 26, 2010
Nice, I like the green!
Dropbox Aug 25, 2010
Great for school lunches.
scoops Aug 25, 2010
...and a great price it is! :)
elefanteau Aug 25, 2010
Price is back!
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hemalaa Aug 18, 2010
Great deal.
Iwantcookies Aug 18, 2010
That's pretty cheap! How awesome!
elefanteau Aug 18, 2010
Price back!!
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elefanteau Jun 20, 2010
Price back down to $9.97
elefanteau Jun 17, 2010
Price went up to $17.83 :(
lepard May 20, 2010
Great! This is 58% OFF!
DizzyLizzy Mar 18, 2010
Nice price. Is it that much different from regular rubbermaid products though? curious..
Devil_Doc May 20, 2010
yeah, what about this makes it specifically for produce?
dddsss Mar 15, 2013
@DizzyLizzy ''Tray and vent system helps extend the life of produce
Super-clear base allows for better visibility of inside contents
Safe to use in refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher''
nada Jan 09, 2010
8-piece set includes: one 14-cup, one 5-cup, and two 2-cup food-storage containers, with four lids
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alecupope Apr 22, 2013
@nada I think it's worth the money for all you get.