SanDisk 32GB microSDHC Memory Card (Bulk Package)

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What's the matter?
additc Aug 06, 2012
I THINK I GOT THIS at the begning of the year for $75
ancagavs Aug 04, 2012
I am not into tech, so I don not know much about memory cards. will let my bf know about this.
MrBklynW Aug 03, 2012
not bad for a 32gb thanks for sharing!
nimase85 Aug 03, 2012
This seems like a great deal for a 32GB microSDHC Memory Card as I have stated many times before I misplace these things all the time and can always use extras
pravallika Aug 03, 2012
Super deaL
xiaoyuerlong Aug 03, 2012
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iowahawkeyes Aug 03, 2012
I don't mind if it takes a couple more minutes loading on and off this.. its under 17 bucks! Its worth it for me.
arsiel Aug 03, 2012
Probably just perfect for cell phones since it's just a class 2. Might be good for someone who just got a Samsung Galaxy S III
encorez Aug 03, 2012
not good for pictures, to slow..........for a few more dollars get a class 10
arsiel Aug 03, 2012
Really? Wow, I didn't know class 2 was THAT slow :/
psplove Aug 03, 2012
class 2 only. But great price for 32GB
shimisi Aug 03, 2012
Nice deal. Not surprising that it has low stock, so get yours quickly if you're buying :)
maven3 Aug 03, 2012
My class 4 32gb has been great, but you may really notice going down to a class 2 like this one. It will probably work fine for music and files, but will take a very long time to transfer on and off.
jasoned Aug 03, 2012
Very good point. Thanks for the information.