Shamwow Towel set

$9.99 - 25% coupon code BHKD25
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What's the matter?
moose Feb 18, 2010
very good deal on the original
mikej3385 Feb 18, 2010
Can't go wrong with the Shamwow. However, I think these have been around for while and this is just an old product repackaged.
archangel168 Feb 18, 2010
Watching infomercial can be deceiving sometime. I bought some shamwow towels at Costco. These towels still leave water streak when wiping wet surface. I dont think it absorbs water as well. I regret buying it.
ThePriceIsRight Feb 18, 2010
didnt this shamwow guy went to jail for something
dvinegrace83 Feb 17, 2010
I think this is the lowest I've seen this priced.
shacketj Feb 17, 2010
Work great for dogs...hope I dont have to use it on a hooker
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Gtnunit Feb 17, 2010
Wonder if these are any better than the original SHAMEE's that have been around for ages.. ...IMO same thing just re-named
KapowZhuang Feb 17, 2010
That man not only is great at selling german towels, he also punch's hookers in the face.

NSFW also not for those who cannot stand blood
quickly Feb 17, 2010
DealOrNoDeal Feb 17, 2010
always wanted to try these towels
dlkmadness Feb 17, 2010
sham WOW!
orealcream Feb 17, 2010
hm... i don't believe these things work...
nimrodboy3 Feb 17, 2010
i've seen them in action..they work pretty well compared to towels.
bossusa Feb 17, 2010
they do work very well.. seen youtube video...
nimrodboy3 Feb 17, 2010
yeah..i asked the guy at the mall to demonstrate it for me.