Slime Powerspair - 48 Piece Kit Tire Repair Kit

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akaricke Sep 29, 2014
$4 price drop. Lowest price ever according to camelcamelcamel
akaricke May 30, 2012
Great price. Compare here
dvinegrace83 May 29, 2012
i probably would need a little tutorial on how to actually use this stuff, but it looks like it has everything to do the job!
nimase85 May 29, 2012
This seems like a good price for a very useful tool I will defiantly pass this along to my dad he is def in to buying these kind of things :)
arsiel May 29, 2012
Looks like a great kit. Could definitely use this in any car for emergencies. Reviews say it's great for temporary repair which sounds good enough to me!
encorez May 29, 2012
I used this on my RX8...cost me $60 to clean the crap out of the inside of the tire.
arsiel May 29, 2012
Maybe it didn't work because it was under the wrong conditions? :/
encorez May 30, 2012
it plugs the holes but the goo is left over and throws you tire out of balance. only good for emergency situations
arsiel May 30, 2012
I don't even want to know what happened to your car for you to find this out. But yea, I don't think I would use anything in this kit as a permanent solution.
blackfoot May 29, 2012
Very useful item for all vehicle owners.
encorez May 29, 2012
never use Slime tire sealant, it throws your wheel out of round, then it costs a ton to have the inside of your tire cleaned out.
rd995 May 29, 2012
this is a good deal it includes the small air inflator very useful to keep in the car for emergency
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Dexterous May 29, 2012
useful tool. good to have one, nice update, thanks
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