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Sony Alpha A330 10.2 MP Digital SLR Camera + Sony 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens

DSLR camera features a 2.7" LCD, anti-dust function, HDMI port, USB connectivity, Memory Stick Pro Duo/SD/SDHC card slots, USB 2.0 interface, and more
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What's the matter?
petercao Aug 31, 2010
Good price for a DSLR camera. I see a lot of good reviews for this camera.
However, it does not include "Movie clips", i.e. no video recording.
Otherwise, I would buy one.
mrmiser Aug 26, 2010
Deal worked but I had to call Dell to get it right in the Cart - may have been the fact they were changing it from needing a coupon code to not needing one.
joycewoo Aug 26, 2010
Look nice!
maven3 Aug 26, 2010
For what it's worth, I shoot Canon because of the glass, but I have no problems recommending this for someone wanting to get into DSLR's.

I personally don't think anyone should be able to tell a difference in real-world image quality between any of the brands in a given price level. Especially if you shoot RAW and do any amount of post processing (which is kind of the point of a DSLR).

As others below have said, what does make a big difference is the lens. I would shoot a 4 generation old DSLR body with L lenses any day over a new body with a kit lens. With that said, I say go with the Sony if you aren't planning on spending a lot on glass right away. You can always change brands down the road if you get more serious. On the other hand, if you really want the best photo results and plan on getting better lenses soon, go for a Canon of Nikon as you can find some great used/on-sale upgrade lenses.

I have always put the priority on glass. I have always owned/used several generation old bodies with the best lenses I can afford. And as a bonus, glass holds it's value extremely well. I've sold several lenses for the same or more than I bought them for a year or two down the road.

That's my two cents. The bottom line though is go take pictures and have fun. At some point the equipment actually gets in the way of enjoying the whole process.
freekenny Aug 26, 2010
It's a really nice camera. My friend got one. It is light-weighted and the quality is good.
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FireFold Aug 26, 2010
Amazing price, I'll be looking into this.
omegafemale Aug 26, 2010
2nd chance - no code needed!
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mrmiser Aug 21, 2010
Wow, so now I'm really hesitant. Went into Fry's today and they had the Canon Rebel XS for 399.99.
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love2trade Aug 24, 2010
How did you manage to get the Rebel for $399? The weekly ad says $499? Thanks
ellis Aug 25, 2010
This deal has expired.
somesome11 Aug 21, 2010
Price makes this worth it, otherwise I'd skip over this if you have the extra cash. For these entry-level cameras, there's no doubt they are entry level, but the lens is what will really make the difference. If you have an extra $200, I'd go for a Canon, if you have an extra $500, I'd go for the Nikons, but at this price it certainly is tempting, great for a student or amateur photographer.
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badandy538 Aug 21, 2010
Think im going to take your advice and go with a canon
somesome11 Aug 22, 2010
A Canon entry DSLR is a great camera, you won't be disappointed. I have used several of the Canon Rebels, their image quality is where they shine (may lack features according to some, but personally, I'd trade in features for picture quality any day). You really can produce professional results with it, which isn't always true with entry-level DSLRs. Nikon's are great, but I really wasn't impressed with their entry-line. Haven't used a Sony DSLR that I can think of.
badandy538 Aug 21, 2010
My sister's birthday is in october. She wants a camera and this seems like an awesome deal. No sure if I should wait or take advantage now...
somesome11 Aug 21, 2010
Between now and October, I wouldn't expect too many different options to pop up. You might find some great refurbished options at similar prices, but this is a pretty good deal for a DSLR.
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somesome11 Aug 21, 2010
Although, for a little extra cash, you could get a decent Nikon ($450):
badandy538 Aug 21, 2010
Thanks so much for respndeding somesome11....
badandy538 Aug 21, 2010
kmcunning Aug 20, 2010
If only I was looking for entry level. Saving up to replace my pro-grade 35mm Canon though, so I'll have to shell out no matter what brand I go with.

Looks like a GREAT deal though, for those who haven't done a ton of shopping around - usually the DSLRs start at about twice that much.
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mrmiser Aug 20, 2010
I've been watching entry level dslr's and this price is ridiculously low compare to the Canon and Nikon (and even the a330 everywhere else) I tried the code, it works.
I've been leaning towards the Nikon but at this price I'm very tempted...
Anyone got any words of wisdom one way or the other??
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dreamvertigo Aug 20, 2010
If you where looking at the Nikon D3000 it should drop in price very soon because the new D3100 comes out in September to replace it.

I found a refurbished D5000 kit for $400

I have never used that site though.
somesome11 Aug 21, 2010
Like I said, if you're entry-level material, just somewhat looking to mess around and learn, this isn't too bad. The lens is what really makes the difference, and you can always borrow from others to learn with. Otherwise, if it were my money, Canon has great entry levels, where Nikon's shine a little more at mid/professional.
tjrk4u Aug 20, 2010
Good for the price and if you are a vivid photographer. CNET thinks with default settings, this camera produces average pictures.
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thisisragtime Aug 26, 2010
This is helpful, thanks skyk!
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