Spacerail Level 3

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A Do it yourself mould game, of wisdom, intelligence, patience, freedom of the element. To assemble the whole mould and watching the steel-balls running throught the double loops is a very happy thing.
Spacerail is suit-toy which could be assembled freedom with its base, shaft and rail. The steel ball could run on the two lines sometimes snail and sometimes scour, it is for adult playing indoor.

How to play:

After assembling and installing, it will take a little time to adjust the corner of rail.

It will bring the meaning and excitement of the Spacerail to you although it's just for playing indoor.

Package contents:

Base 6pcs Fork Parts 1pcs
Shaft 300mm 10pcs Base Holder (big) 2pcs
Shaft 200mm 3pcs Base Holder (small) 2pcs
Rail about 16000mm 1pc Gear Box Stand 2pcs
Arm Parts 40sets Shaft Stand 1pcs
Rail Stand 45pcs Steel Ball 3pcs
Elevator Part 1set Rail Joining Parts 10pcs
Gear Box 1pcs Illustration Book 1pcs
Detailed manual inside the package box.
Product requirements: (1) Type C Battery
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