Stealth Guards Cell Phone and MP3 cases Free for first 1000 customers !!! HURRY !!!

Site is experiencing heavy traffic...have patience !!!
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What's the matter?
daveshear Aug 26, 2010
I still have not received mine in the mail. Has anyone? Is this a scam?
nevermindvicky Aug 26, 2010
I received it some time back...they are sending it as a normal mail with 44 cents stamp...using usps..not packed properly either...i m not satisfied with my purchase...
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Prozac4545 Aug 18, 2010
My order hasn't arrived yet, but I got and email last Friday saying my order had been processed. They are shipping it parcel post so it may take a while to show up.
nevermindvicky Aug 18, 2010
Thanks for the info, but unlucky me..i haven't received any update about the shipping...:(
nevermindvicky Aug 16, 2010
Did anyone of you get this yet ??? I am still waiting for the shipping information, let alone the original product...I hope this comes up...
Prozac4545 Aug 15, 2010
This sale has been extended to the first "2000" customers. Either way, it still works if you want to get it on this deal.
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mateodays Aug 11, 2010
I just got mine! Working smoothly. Thanks!!
hilarryouz Aug 10, 2010
just got one. seems like this promo is running past first 1000 customers...
Maxxthearsonist Aug 10, 2010
Got one for my env touch, i almost paid 15 bucks for this on ebay, so cool. everyone with iphones need these.
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themightykorean Aug 10, 2010
Just got one for my 3GS. Really pumpt!
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skindy Aug 10, 2010
Getting one for my boyfriend. We just bought a case but it doesn't fit correctly - this might help though!
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djinhwan Aug 10, 2010
if this is like invisible shield this stuff is terrible, on the screen is one thing, but all over the phone? Trust me you do not want this all over the phone
DealFinder86 Aug 10, 2010
yeah, thats what i was thinking, kinda strange that it covers the whole thing. but i might as well give it a try at this price
swalbers Aug 10, 2010
Worked for me @ 7:32am(PST) for a Motorola Droid cover. Transaction was fast & easy.
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buzzdogear777 Aug 10, 2010
Just got one for my 3G at 9:48 AM EST. I had no issues with it at all.
audiocracy Aug 10, 2010
Got one for my iPhone 4!

Thanks so much!
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shortduck Aug 10, 2010
Just got one for Iphone 4 @ 9:17AM EST

You might get an error, just try again.
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meneeococoa Aug 10, 2010
STILL working! Just got one for the HTC Hero and HTC Evo, only $5.70 for the shipping! Thanks guys!
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natashag123 Aug 09, 2010
Still available.. Just got one for my BB Tour
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Prozac4545 Aug 09, 2010
I just got two. One for my fiance's Storm and one for my Evo I plan on getting soon. They were only $5.70 shipped. Awesome deal! I was about ready to drop serious money on some Zaggs too. It took me about 30-40 mins of reloading the page, but was well worth the effort.
LilRed77 Aug 09, 2010
It said site is experiencing heavy traffic, so to be patient, and patient I was....just ordered one for my ipod touch:) Thanks!!
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LilRed77 Aug 09, 2010
Oh and mine was also free with just $2.85 for shipping and immediately received confirmation email!!
epic800 Aug 09, 2010
It isn't expired, I just purchased one for the Torch for $2.85. All I had to do was pay for shipping.
glenlakelove Aug 09, 2010
It took me about 35 minutes but I just purchased and got an immediate email confirmation. Total was $2.85 for shipping! Awesome!
kevin1979 Aug 09, 2010
i'm guessing they met their quota
gailelaine Aug 09, 2010
The site is totally crashed by heavy traffic.
glenlakelove Aug 09, 2010
As they said, there is heavy volume so the site is slow and is popping lots of errors. If you are patient and refresh, it should work until they've met their quota. I just got mine and it went through fine.
gonnagettaviper Aug 09, 2010
Sweet. Bought one for my 3GS
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