The Healthiest Deep Fryer - uses only one tablespoon of oil!

This fryer makes up to 2 lbs. of crisp, succulent fried food using only one tablespoon of oil.

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What's the matter?
ruggdruss Feb 03, 2011
I did a lot of research looking into these... Bottom line, way over priced for something that is sold just on its' ability to cook French fries. Baking fries works just as well, if not better, and is a whole lot cheaper
omegafemale Feb 02, 2011
save $29 with free shipping
JessNYCA Apr 07, 2010
A healthy deep fryer ... interesting concept!
SugarLily Apr 06, 2010
Interesting idea, but way too expensive. Just spray your fries/food with canola oil spray and put it in the oven. Just as effective and $300 cheaper :)
omegafemale Apr 06, 2010
as soon as i find a free shipping coupon, it's mine! ;)
Plustastic Apr 06, 2010
not sure how this works, but its an interesting idea
hamstergirl Apr 06, 2010
are we serious???!?! healthy product! i think im gonna think about getting one of these
mtyducs Apr 06, 2010
no doubt... dont think you can have healthy & deep fryer in the same sentence