TRENDnet SecurView Wireless Day/Night Pan/Tilt/Zoom Internet Surveillance Camera TV-IP422W (White)

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fluffy Jul 13, 2010
Unlike the two rock-solid stationary TRENDnet cameras I already have, this one is giving me a lot of trouble. After leaving it idle (no browser connected to it) for a few hours, the video is ALWAYS blank when I reconnect, except for once when I connected to it from work and saw myself sitting at my computer at home. Quite startling, to say the least! I have to reboot the unit to get the video back. Luckily, this can usually be done remotely, though less often it freezes entirely and needs a power cycle. I tried a firmware update, and it didn't make a bit of difference as far as the video conk-out is concerned. Before the firmware update the Auto-Patrol function would continuously step between the 8 preset positions. Afterwards, it would do only one pass. I don't see any option to change this. I suspect that continuous Auto-Patrol wears out the mechanism, so they took that out.

For some strange reason, the built-in web server has both a Java and an Active-X UI, and they are not the same. The audio and snapshot features ONLY work with Active-X

Moving the camera between any of the 8 user-defined preset locations is a breeze, but manually moving the camera with the arrow buttons is excruciatingly slow. If you exceed more than about one click per second, an annoying "Please wait!" popup appears. You can configure the step size, but then you lose the ability to position it precisely where you want it. I guess Amazon had their reason to mark this down so drastically.
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fluffy Jul 10, 2010
This is a Pan/Tilt camera, NOT a Pan/Tilt/Zoom as advertised. Not even the product box makes any mention of Zoom, so Amazon should stop advertising as such. According to some of the reviews, the included software may do "digital zoom", which is just stretching the picture and losing detail. You don't need to install any software to use the camera, as it runs a Java applet in the web browser. You can pan and tilt with nothing more than the browser, but there is no zoom function there. It is still a very good camera for the price. I haven't tried the 2-way audio yet.
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fluffy Jul 06, 2010
"Usually ships within 1 to 2 months" - Not your typical Amazon delivery schedule! Great deal though!
fluffy Jul 10, 2010
Ordered with free super-saver shipping, and it arrived only 4 days later!
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skyk Jul 06, 2010
Another $20 drop!!