Werner 6 Ft. Aluminum Step Ladder Type I, 250 Lbs Load Capacity

Finally Live!
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YesBoss May 23, 2013
Very Good Price For Werner 6 Ft. Aluminum Step Ladder .
xrjohn May 19, 2013
great price for a step ladder, wow.
sly1960 May 18, 2013
I have one its great, thanks for posting!
Jazmine_ilene May 18, 2013
This is a great deal. This will really come in handy. Nice find
sorinlandiana May 18, 2013
i did not think of that. I could use one because we started painting.
bbattag May 17, 2013
Very good deal on a 6 ft ladder. Good deal
zoneric May 17, 2013
great price for an aluminum ladder. thanks!
jkbane May 17, 2013
great price for this! we spent a bit more on ours. :-/
MrBklynW May 17, 2013
great price for a 6ft aluminum ladder. thanks!
hemalaa May 17, 2013
Good price for the ladder. Would be useful for paininting/cleaning ceilings
Dexterous May 17, 2013
This can carry a heavy load
Indalecsio May 16, 2013
Just in time I need a ladder.
lotuslove19 May 16, 2013
nice price to buy a ladder like this, thanks for the post.
additc May 16, 2013
Never purchased a ladder before
mikhaila May 16, 2013
Wow can hold up to 250 lbs that's great. And the price is unbeatable.
erick99 May 16, 2013
Wonderful! My son was asking yesterday about a reasonably price 6' ladder for the house. This is great :)
dealio23 May 16, 2013
These ladders really come in handy. Awesome price for it!
Durr21 May 16, 2013
Not a bad price for a ladder good deal thanks
littlexu May 16, 2013
It shows $49 now. I will call to check it out. Thanks for sharing.
kevin07 May 16, 2013
$49 here lol
zoym May 16, 2013
still be $54.00 /EA-Each
ragingwookiee May 16, 2013
Shows $29 on their Memorial Day page but price may still be updating (I'm still seeing $59).
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rockinnrolla May 16, 2013
Glad to see this ladder is on sale again! Gonna tell my bro. Thanks. :)
arsiel May 25, 2012
I'd definitely take advantage of this deal right now if I had a place to put it... You never know when you'll need a ladder
dvinegrace83 May 24, 2012
u know..kinda random, but i never knew how much ladders cost until we had to bite the bullet and get a regular priced one when we were moving! they're so pricey! sheesh! i wish we got ours at this price.
abu5692 May 24, 2012
lilywow May 24, 2012
I need one to clean my gutters. Maybe another 6 feet?
blackfoot May 24, 2012
Good price for aluminum and I need one real bad.
mikhaila May 24, 2012
Great for painting high ceilings and cleaning gutters.. that reminds me. Where is my husband, haha.
zoneric May 25, 2012
true, it's perfect for high ceilings. but I don't like heights :|
zoneric May 25, 2012
a good price though, compared to other stores.
bbattag May 24, 2012
This is $60 elsewhere and a good brand for ladders. Definitely a good buy if you need this
poe601 May 24, 2012
Great price for a latter, saw this in my store and looks like it is made well!
ElZilcho May 24, 2012
Free shipping after $45.00.
gangstabarbie May 24, 2012
perfect for short people like me. raise me up with this ladder
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ilene285 May 24, 2012
Great price for this ladder.
branie May 24, 2012
My neighbor keeps borrowing our ladder and that is fine and all but the other day he was walking up the street in the rain with it. I may pass this along to him, maybe he will break down and buy his own :)
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Hisgelt May 24, 2012
why don't you get it for him as a birthday present. (I meant for your birthday lol)
rockinnrolla May 24, 2012
Really good price on this ladder! I will have to tell my bro! Thanks! :)