Which is your favorite shopping site? - dealspl.us, BlackFriday.FM, CyberMonday.FM

Which is your favorite shopping site? - dealspl.us, BlackFriday.FM, CyberMonday.FM
As you may know, this is a busy time of year for the www.dealsplus.com team. Not only are we hanging out with you guys here on DP, but we’re also getting ready for the holiday shopping season by spending time on our two other websites: BlackFriday.FM and CyberMonday.FM!

Not sure what BlackFriday.FM and CyberMonday.FM are? Read on to learn a little more about all of three of our sites, then if you’ve got a minute, do us a big favor and let us know which one is your favorite!

  • www.dealsplus.com www.dealsplus.com is a user-generated social shopping site where users can find, share, discuss, and enjoy the best deals and coupons available online. We offer printable coupons and online coupon codes for more than 15,000 stores.

  • BlackFriday.FM Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving, is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. And BlackFriday.FM aims to tell you anything and everything you need to know about the big day, from the best deals, to the top coupons, to the latest news.

  • CyberMonday.FM CyberMonday.FM is for all you bargain hunters out there who would rather skip waiting in line on Friday, and just shop online on Monday. Since Cyber Monday is all about online deals, the site gives you the lowdown on the best online bargains and major online sales.

So, if you’ve got a sec, which site is your favorite? And why?
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disneywonder Oct 05, 2010
www.dealsplus.com is my FAV! b'cos it is the best crowd-sourced deal site in USA!!
utch Oct 03, 2010
90% of the year www.dealsplus.com, but when it hits Nov 1 I begin making Christmas lists and pouring over blackfriday.fm for that. Cybermonday.fm would be one of my favorite sites with the exception of I would be shopping for myself to close to Christmas (my wife and family don't like that to much, they say they won't have anything to get me).
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mnvikings11 Oct 02, 2010
www.dealsplus.com is the best in just 3 months earned over $150.
grandma5 Oct 02, 2010
I'm about finding a good deal. They don't always fall in your lap and require a little research. I'm new at this but I would say use all of the above and keep posting the best deals on www.dealsplus.com because like jamesjr55 it's nice to get paid.
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cbrentlane Oct 02, 2010
www.dealsplus.com is certainly my favorite. In fact, I've set it as my homepage in my browser. When I wake up each morning, it's the first thing I check. I've found truly great deals through this service. I enjoy the organization of the website much better than other sites such as SlickDeals.net.
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jamesjr55 Oct 02, 2010
Love www.dealsplus.com The only site that I have ever been on that pays you.
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omegafemale Oct 02, 2010
i prefer DP because EVERYDAY is BlackFriday/CyberMonday here - one stop shopping with as much info as possible provided (an image, some coupon codes and quickie deal schedules).
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nada Oct 02, 2010
I use www.dealsplus.com almost everyday. But, I also like balckfriday.fm.
Acidbaby Oct 02, 2010
Slickdeals because all the deals hit there first and then are posted here. Plus it has the ability to let users do what needs to be done here which is give negative ratings and not just plusses. And bfads.net is the best BF site IMO.
wonder Oct 02, 2010
i agree that some posts on slickdeals get posted here (which is good for the overall online shopping community) , yet the majority of top deals are from dp users hard work at a much larger volume than that found at slickdeals, also negative rating can be beneficial in the sense that users won't post every item the find online yet rather pick seemingly good deals but can also lead to some good deals getting unnoticed because of personal opinions
Acidbaby Oct 02, 2010
I disagree. If you check the fresh submissions and got to slickdeals they are usually just seconds behind. I am guilty of the same now with the money makers program. I used to find it kind of rude for someone to just go to another site and take someones elses work and then submit it here but hey if there is money involved then ethics goes out the window. That being said when I am looking for something I go there first, then here, then fatwallet. As far as negative ratings, most sites that have it I find there isnt much abuse with it. It helps seperate the garbage posts and frankly there is a ton of them here because of the giveaways and such. People just want to submit whatever they can whether or not you can find it cheaper somewhere else. I hate that, I hate seeing anyone pay retail for an item or think they are getting a deal when really they arent.
toast Oct 02, 2010
Don't mean to barge in, but I think JessicaNYCA meant favorite between the three described. My apologies if I'm wrong.
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Acidbaby Oct 02, 2010
My bad. I didnt actually read it because I dont care for either the black friday or cyber monday sites.
toast Oct 02, 2010
No worries. You're certainly entitled to your own opinions.

But I myself like www.dealsplus.com, even if we do get deal posts a little later after SlickDeals do. The interface for handling deals and organizing them is probably one of the main reasons I stick around. That, and because I've been here for a while I kind of know who everyone is even though they don't know me.
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manzilllla Oct 02, 2010
www.dealsplus.com is my favorite.

Around all year, because if you look the other 363 days of the year, you can find better deals than on black friday or cyber monday. Dealsplus lets us loyal followers do so.