This deal is expired!

Win an Apple iPad!!

There are Two Ways to Win an Apple iPad!!

  1. Be the #1 Stocu user on the Monthly Leaderboard after the market closes on Thursday, September 16th, 2010.

  2. Invite your friends to join Stocu, and if they win, then you win one too.

For more giveaway details, click here. Don't forget to follow Stocu on Twitter!
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What's the matter?
Higgins Aug 21, 2010
I learned my lesson.
Higgins Aug 21, 2010
Nowadays you have to keep up with technology.
Higgins Aug 21, 2010
Another giveaway? this is awesome. I will be home waiting.
Jadychron Aug 19, 2010
are we entirely sure this website really isn't "" seems, like a fantastic way of mining data for advertisers.
ellis Aug 19, 2010
Yes, we are entirely sure that this site is legit. is our sister site.
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Jadychron Aug 20, 2010
ah, I have been away for awhile. I'll check it out.
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spon Aug 17, 2010
Well, be the monthly leader on the leaderboard? i'm a 1/2 a month behind...
fieljana Aug 17, 2010
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ShopaholicChic Aug 17, 2010
Wow - good luck everyone!
nimrodboy3 Aug 17, 2010
tck3600 Aug 17, 2010
good luck peeps!
ctdcache Aug 17, 2010
What is the point of Stocu? What is the information and prediction for?
meeki Aug 17, 2010
Follow experts and you will find out how you can use Stocu. Some experts are pretty good. e.g.
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albert Aug 17, 2010
cooldeal Aug 17, 2010
Good deal!
civic07 Aug 17, 2010
Good Luck everyone!
Maggie00 Aug 16, 2010
I am in.
Darkwolf Aug 16, 2010
LOL, Good luck with that... I think i'm going to pass this one up...
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cyberpunknut Aug 16, 2010
I'm #5 for this month. Climbing is a lot harder since they limited the amount of predictions you can make a day.
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wilsonshi Aug 16, 2010
meeki Aug 16, 2010
I am in. Thank you!
djinhwan Aug 16, 2010
just a tip, there seemed to be a lot of skilled people on the site so prepare for competition
formagic Aug 16, 2010
Looks like you can follow users who are good at the site :)
wutthedealyo Aug 16, 2010
yeah, i've been doin stocu for a little while now, and it wouldn't be too hard to win if you followed some experienced traders' picks and then happened to make some good picks on your own. im in!
djinhwan Aug 16, 2010
yep exactly what wutthedealyo said. you can follow but you still will have to make your own right picks to win.
formagic Aug 16, 2010
Another great giveaway :)