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Win an Apple iPad [ members only]

Win an Apple iPad [ members only]
Apple's new iPad has been all over the news today.

In true spirit, we're giving one out on Twitter, Facebook, as well as right here on!

How to enter:

1. Submit a deal!
2. If your deal gets promoted to the front page (aka "Hot Deals"), you are entered.

Q: How do I get my deal into the hot deals section?
A: After you submit a deal, it goes into the Fresh Deals section. Other users will then rank deals by clicking on the plus button. The deal system then ranks the deal in terms of hotness by the number of plusses, clicks, views, comments, etc.

Q: When will this contest end?
A: According the Apple, the iPad will ship out in late March. When it does, we'll be the first in line to grab one and send it to one lucky winner. In the meantime keep posting those deals!

Q: How do I know when I'm entered?
A: Click on the Giveaways tab at the top of the page. Under giveaways, you should see this contest with a "How to Enter". If the step has a red "done!" sign next to it, you're entered.

Guess what? The Winner is: silverstrife17, gratz!!!
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What's the matter?
silverstrife17 Apr 08, 2010
xdatlam Apr 08, 2010
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silverstrife17 Apr 08, 2010
xdatlam Apr 08, 2010
CONGRATULATIONS! If anyone deserved it, it's you man.
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Michelle12 Apr 08, 2010
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silverstrife17 Apr 09, 2010
thanks michelle!
silverstrife17 Apr 18, 2010
the suspense is killing me, but once it arrives it'll be all worth it haha
dlmoney Sep 10, 2010
congrats, I wish I won that!
nimrodboy3 Apr 08, 2010
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silverstrife17 Apr 08, 2010
thanks nimrodboy3!!
nimrodboy3 Apr 09, 2010
my pleasure =).
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hamstergirl Apr 08, 2010
congrats to silverstrife17, you are going to be an ipad owner!
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xptonynguyen Apr 07, 2010
nice... so want one!
trueseouljah Apr 04, 2010
has anyone here bought one yet??
PGLUKHOV Apr 04, 2010
saw a huge line at the Apple store :) Apparently the models sold at the moment don't have the 3G functionality yet
Dealmaster7407 Apr 04, 2010
Goodluck to everyone! Would love to win this pls....
Dewplash Apr 04, 2010
Mee wants ^.^
Michelle12 Apr 02, 2010
dealsplus, you have the greatest giveaways.
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barifromsd Mar 30, 2010
Love to win this giveaway
idarija Mar 25, 2010
i want i want
barifromsd Mar 24, 2010
I wanna Win this giveaway :)
omegafemale Mar 12, 2010
Wi-Fi models available on April 3. Wi-Fi + 3G models available in late April.
Shmaon23 Mar 04, 2010
LeScott Feb 26, 2010
you guys always have the best contests - thanks!
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CruisnGrrl Feb 23, 2010
What kind of deal would get you a front page?
CruisnGrrl Feb 23, 2010
I could use this to draw cartoons with.
sherylssg Feb 21, 2010
this is a great prize
terrabarton Feb 18, 2010
i've been dreaming all night and day dreaming all day about the iPad ever since they have shown this on tv
Sha123 Feb 18, 2010
duanggirl Feb 17, 2010
nice one
waterbluff Feb 16, 2010
i want this so bad
ThePriceIsRight Feb 12, 2010
i want it!!!!!
Kaylovely Feb 11, 2010
This was! But I got it!
lmb923 Feb 03, 2010
These look so cool! Such an awesome contest!!
shaezi Jan 31, 2010
its a great giveaway nonetheless :)
puppyshy82 Jan 31, 2010
This is fantastic!
Planecrazy Jan 30, 2010
I have a favor to ask ... would you kind folks follow the link below and "plus" it enough to get it on the front page? Not only would I like to qualify for this contest, but more importantly I believe that not enough people are seeing the news story associated with the link... Specifically, with all the coverage of the Toyota recalls there are a lot of Pontiac Vibe owners who may not be aware that their vehicles are ALSO part of the recall (because the Vibe is functionally identical to the recalled Toyota Matrix). By "front paging" my submission you will be helping to get the word out (as well as helping me qualify for the giveaway.

Thanks for your consideration!
sam97kitty Jan 29, 2010
i dont care what it is it looks kewl
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burgmissy Jan 29, 2010
anhdungvo11 Jan 28, 2010
Christine Jan 28, 2010
this is awesomee!!!
can't waittt =)
it would come in sooo handy for school and travellingg !!! =)
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bathrobewarrior Jan 28, 2010
I really want one of these :)
hancockg Jan 28, 2010
Do you think these will catch on?
burgmissy Jan 28, 2010
great giveaway
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tjrk4u Jan 28, 2010
Have you guys noticed a drop in front page deals ever since MOD annouced this giveway? Common people help others to help you :)
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Jan 28, 2010
I would like to have one. Who would say no to a free gadget?
fire1hawk Jan 28, 2010
I can't wait to see this thing in action.
yodabutt Jan 28, 2010
Count Me In, I'd love one of this
wparchive Jan 28, 2010
Awesome guys
sarahdzny Jan 28, 2010
Need Want Have To Have It.
johnwin Jan 28, 2010
I could definitely find a use for this! :)
glwrks Jan 27, 2010
I'm happy you're letting us non-tweet & face book folks have a chance. Thanks!
Jan 27, 2010
Because the ipad looks awsome and I really want one. Any chance of getting one is good for me
bossusa Jan 27, 2010
This is awesome.. Thanks This is Just Hot...
ellefire Jan 27, 2010
I want this.
xichigox Jan 27, 2010
Always exciting when new stuff comes out!!
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anhdungvo11 Jan 27, 2010
tm8644 Jan 27, 2010
lol i wouldn't want one of these.
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Planecrazy Jan 27, 2010