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Win Two $200 Gift Cards during our Black Friday Contest!

Win Two $200 Gift Cards during our Black Friday Contest!
We here at are VERY excited about Black Friday 2010! So excited that we want to give YOU two (2) $200 Gift Cards of your choice!

How to enter:
All you have to do is share your favorite Black Friday story, memory, or picture with us! In fact, you can even just tell us what your plans are for this year's big day. And there are TWO ways to enter:

    1) Leave your comment here on this post

    2) Leave your comment or picture (we prefer pictures) on our Facebook Wall

  • Two winners will be picked. One from and the other from Facebook.
  • The contest runs from Friday October 15th to Thursday October 21st, and the winner will be announced by the 22nd
  • Any post is subject to deletion and disqualification if considered inappropriate
  • US residents only
  • Rules and dates are subject to change at any time by the staff

And the winners are...

Facebook fan: Angela Ingram user: jgoldma1

Congratulations to our winners and thank-you to everyone who participated! Be sure to check out our current giveaway too: We're giving away two NEW MacBook Airs!

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nimrodboy3 Oct 23, 2010
congrats to both Angela Ingram and jgoldma1
Pjw1008 Oct 22, 2010
Ive only been to one black friday. Me and my husband were on vacation in az, and we had to get up at 1/130 to drive to the nearest target which was 2HRS away. It was also freezing! But it was SSSOOO worth it because we had gotten 2 $50 rebate cards and a $10 gift card when we entered the store so we only ended paying $100 for our HD tv. =D! Looking forward to doing it again...altho this yr might end up being a cyber monday.
nateanderson Oct 21, 2010
I plan to hit Best Buy early, and possibly Target after that.
chobbes Oct 21, 2010
I'll either be working or sleeping. Won't know 'til then.
dis1krazyazn Oct 21, 2010
My favorite Black Friday story is actually from last year when I
volunteered at a local mall the morning of Black Friday to raise money
for my high school's National Honor Society. I got a group of about
15-20 friends to volunteer with me (since I was NHS President last year)
and we worked from 11pm to 11am!! Now I am ...a freshman in college and I hope to be outside of stores like Best Buy, Target, and Apple to get good deals on Black Friday morning... I've been saving up for the last month or so, but it's hard being a poor college student :/ The gift cards would help a lot. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
DynamoMike Oct 21, 2010
i am really hoping to get a great deal on some external hard drive --- i am running out of space !!!!!!! :)
misskathymae Oct 21, 2010
I am a die hard but last year WHEW!Last year I took my 14 year old with me ,She was soo tired ,we all were ,We did see amazing things..Alarge group of hillbilly drunks (Im hoping) know who you are!;0)...A LOT of tents...Even a 11 year old boy hit the floor and passed out once the store opened and his dad was checking out,he said he didn't eat..I remember muttering something among the bleary eyed haze about bringing a thermos of cofee ,BIG ONES ,next year ,It was great we got a pair of perfect push-ups (thanks;0) Sports Authority)and I LOVE THEM (NO PAIN NO GAIN)!!Right?!!Just starting my plan of attack this year!
cdmtx65 Oct 21, 2010
couple of years ago a snagged the last 42 inch big screen tv @ walmart --- boy it was a "madhouse" :)
harry16 Oct 21, 2010
I was the 99 person in line for sears gift card and i got a $10 gift card, I used it to buy a $10 craftsman vacuum and my mom loves it.
proper Oct 21, 2010
My Black Friday history has all been online. And it is usually through stores like Steam. So many downloadable videogames for cheeeeeeap!
TheSUPERGIRL Oct 21, 2010
I love Black Friday because I absolutely love great deals. I always do My best to look out for the sales. I'll be looking for great deals this Black Friday as well and will have even more fun doing so with these cards.
SKYYWALKERR Oct 21, 2010
I work retail and usually have to work on Black Friday. Three years ago I somehow lucked out and was scheduled to close, so I joined my cousins in line at midnight at Toys R Us. Our local TRU was raffling off a $1000 shopping spree (via two $500 gift cards), so I bought the four of us each a ticket. To my utter surprise, I won! Since I don't have any kids, I gave the cards to my two cousins, and they were able to get all the things they wanted for their kids. I got a really good Christmas present from them that year though!
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josuemoralesc Oct 21, 2010
OMG Awesome! Last year was my first Black Friday! :) I Hope this year i can have a better one.
esploded Oct 21, 2010
Black Friday?! YES :D I love cheap stuff, cause I' Hey, not in a bad way. :)
ncjeepster Oct 21, 2010
I used to go shopping every Black Friday until I was disabled, I can't get out much now, so I started doing all my shopping online. If you prepare enough ahead of time, it is so much faster to order on line. I feel like any shipping I pay is worth the trouble of driving, parking and fighting the crowds I would have had to endure. I plan just like I did when I did go out, but I'm proud to say I did better on line than I did getting sales in the stores.
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josuemoralesc Oct 21, 2010
It's good to see that you have endured above all. :)
lissa_hTW Oct 21, 2010
I was actually working one year, and I got stuck at the mall for like 3 hours after my shift! It was crazy. I have been really wanting the new iPod touch for awhile at Best Buy. Cant wait to get it!
nkendrew Oct 21, 2010
I usually have to work on Black Friday, but not this yr.!!
NeW_gUy_007 Oct 21, 2010
I remember my first black Friday experience two years ago when i first moved to America I didn't even know about it so I innocently went to see what all the fuss was about....big mistake!I quickly found myself rummaging through hordes of people and getting the deals I wanted it was chaos but I would do it every year just for the heck of it.
Jennalainemiller Oct 21, 2010
I love Black Friday! I always go to kohls and love searching for great deals! Now that we have a daughter to buy for it'll be even more fun!
LesDudis Oct 21, 2010
My favorite Black Friday memory (hard to believe because it was partially miserable!) was from a year or 2 ago. I was waiting at Target to get my 750gb external harddrive for about $70. After dinner, I made sure to bundle up because it was cold but after a couple of hours, it began to get colder... My body felt fine, but I realized my feet were freezing! I forgot to wear better shoes: I was wearing my Chuck Taylor All Stars (the material is SO thin!)... Waiting the rest of the hours was long and cold, but it was worth it to get my harddrive AND the 8gb flash drive next door at Staples, topping it off with an early breakfast at McDonald's next to the Staples =)
Strublesarah Oct 21, 2010
My favorite black Friday memory is walking in to the Target away from the mall crowds and seeing almost every register open and available. It was totally stress and crowd free!
eycanche Oct 21, 2010
Last Black Friday I was driving around with my brother trying trying to find a deal while my uncle bought a huge flat screen TV from Walmart for like $450 dollars! Horrible so we just went home after hearing that.
RoadRashTX Oct 21, 2010
I could use this. I need some new electronic gadgets to play with!
josuemoralesc Oct 21, 2010
My First and so far only expirience of Black Friday was last year when I wasn't able to go to the Thanksgiving party because i had to go to sleep early for to be able to be at Walmart on time. I had a great time getting new movies :) After Walart i went to Fred Meyer and bought board games for the family then visited Best Buy and finaly i went to Target to finish the day i mean more like start the day. I hope to win the $200 Gift Card so i can go back this year for a 2nd time and make it way bigger and better than last year. Get my Mom, Dad, and Sister a nice Christmas Gift. Sincerly Josue Morales :)
ho0lee0h Oct 21, 2010
Heh. I don't know if anyone remembers this but last year, newegg had an acer netbook for $200. I was one of the lucky few to get it! I'm still using it :) Best Black Friday ever.
sch1308 Oct 21, 2010
I plan to get up at 4AM and get a good spot in the Wal Mart line to get an iPad or maybe an Xbox with extra money I got from my birthday.
carpince Oct 21, 2010
My favorite black friday moment was when I was a new mom and took my 6 month old son out. I wanted some clothes that were so cheap for him for the following year or two. I ran into, every where I went, what I want to say was the true spirit of the season. Kohls ran out of carts but they saw me with him and they gave me theirs. At Walmart, I had just 3 items and 4 people let me go in front of them. It was their kindness and generosity that made me excited that year and in turn made me realize again not everyone is so greedy and angry on that BLACK FRIDAY!!!
Ladyurbain Oct 21, 2010
Well I dont have a story to share. I have never participated in blackfriday shopping. I had heard too many horror stories and did not want to get myself in trouble because of my temper. So I stayed away. This year I may venture out just so I can experience it. Life's an adventure!
JAZZYMAMA Oct 21, 2010
I always go blackfriday shopping with my mom & its like a tradition for us we get up at 5 in the morning. The day of thanksgiving we laugh about just staying up with the family because my family go's to different store so me & my mom stick together & go to walmart, target, & the mall sometimes not looking for things already in mind but to shopp around & we always find good deals im so ready for blackfriday with my mom because we always have fun shopping with each other!
Applejill Oct 21, 2010
I bought a router and network adapter years ago that was free after rebate. That remains my greatest Black Friday purchase.
natthedem Oct 21, 2010
I've actually never done a Black Friday sale. Last year, my sister went to secure a new television and I'd periodically stop by and bring them hot chocolate and food. She'd look up at me, wrapped in warm blankets and ask if I wanted to join them. As I thought about the warmth of my bed, I politely declined ;)
Deedle_pie Oct 21, 2010
On Black Friday I'm going to be sitting right here planted in front of! I will see far more bargains here than I would ever be able to see on foot. I'll have my leftover turkey sandwiches and warm coffee to sustain me while I fight no crowds, get none of my toes stepped on and drag nothing at all to the car. The only damage might be my sore typing fingers and my bank account! Can't wait!
Shmobaum Oct 21, 2010
Hi yeah I happened to get my iPod last year on black Friday
jemutschler Oct 21, 2010
Well, just became unemployed for the first time in my 52 year old life, so looks like Black Friday shopping, or any real Christmas shopping, is out of the question this year. Maybe Dollar Tree?
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ddevil Oct 21, 2010
BestBuy is always one of my favorites. What can I say.... I love electronics.
chaseapruitt Oct 21, 2010
this year i plan to sleep over at bestbuy, and purchase me a new computer screen for my macbook so i can edit more photos and do better in school!
daischop Oct 21, 2010
Well for me, I've never stood in line for a Black Friday event. I usually ended up showing a bit later in the day, once the mad rush was over or in later years, staying up late online watching for deals. But I've never experienced the crush of people when the doors open in the early am. I'm usually sleeping my morning away!
winterhart14 Oct 21, 2010
I've never really done black fridays, but I have done Cyber Mondays. I prefer doing my shopping at home... so Amazon would be my choice, or Apple... iPod Touch calling my name.
diego17 Oct 21, 2010
That was a long long time ago! We waited to get the new Atari game - maybe Lady Pacman?
c0rinne Oct 21, 2010
My favorite Black Friday was last year. I finally vowed to spend some money and buy something. I spent hours walking around this huge shopping center in LA.

After hours and hours, I still hadn't bought anything. At the end, I successfully bought NOTHING, but I did confirm that I taught myself impulse control.

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Taylor9124 Oct 21, 2010
Definitely my first Black Friday. I had just gotten the Playstation 3, and needed an LCD more than anything, so I stood in line for 4 hours thinking it was a long time, only come to find out, people had been there for over a day!
naenaeelizabeth Oct 21, 2010
getting up at 3:30 in the morning and heading to walmart and standing there waiting for them to tell us that we can start shopping
jmahurin40 Oct 21, 2010
I use to work night shift @ our local hospital and then fought the crowds on black friday. That was a tiring morning especially if I didn't fare well on the bargains.
idashling Oct 21, 2010
Black Friday has been a yearly bonding experience with my best friend who lives on the other coast & comes back for thanksgiving and Christmas. We always go after the camera deals at best buy (I always end up losing or breaking it...) and we would have to start waiting at like 9pm!! Because it gets super cold we always gotta bundle up head to toe like Eskimos and we'd sit on large black garbage bags so we wouldn't have to carry around chairs....& We'd just spend the hours just catching up onthe year we've been apart. :)"
faith85 Oct 21, 2010
For four months, I worked as a cashier in a WalMart in Canada. Before store-openings, we would have a team meeting. This one morning meeting fell on a Black Friday which our Store Manager had mentioned in passing. She said that it might have an affect on us, but didn't go into further detail. Prior to this, I would only hear a brief mention of Black Friday on the news, but that would be it. Little did I know just how big Black Friday really was. Just an hour or so into my shift, our debit/credit system crashed. You don't realize the importance of the atm and debit/credit system especially during Christmas shopping until it is no longer working. The line-ups were getting longer, and the customers were getting more frustrated. This crash was a huge dilemma which seemed to have no end in sight. WalMart was loosing business fast with customers walking out. We were trying to get any customers who were paying with cash to come to the front of the line. It was pure chaos. When they got the system up and running we were jumping for joy.

As a result of that I knew that once I had moved to the States, I just had to take part in a Black Friday. It was awesome! My husband and I stayed up late so we wouldn't miss the Best Buy sales. We should of did some research because we were in no way prepared, but we had fun!
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xChrisDuran Oct 21, 2010
I remember as a child, bBack Friday was always one of the highlights of the season. The Thursday before would always be the planning of our following day's routine. There of course would be no sleep involved from Thursday into Friday, it was all too exciting (especially for me as a child). My first memory of a black Friday even would have to have been when I was about 5 years old. My Mother and I stayed up all night and drove over to our local Walmart. We were one of the first persons in line and received "early bird" coupons. One by one they would let the guest in, giving the first few a couple of mins to run through the store before the next. It was so hectic! I remember running around with my mother and just grabbing what she told me to grab. People where packing aisles after aisles. It was absolute mayhem. The reason why I remember that year's Black Friday so much, was because we were able to buy family presents (well at least it was my first memory that I gave presents). I'll never forget that day.. or the mean lady who tried to take away my action figure. Luckily my super hero, my mommy, came to my rescue. Happy Black Friday Everyone! [=
itskenneth Oct 21, 2010
Been black friday shopping for few years now. Always a great way to stay up all night to wait in the long lines. Probably my most memorable one was about 6 years ago at office depot. I remembered getting there around 2AM and there was already a HUGE line. Once they opened, everyone pushed and shoved so we all had to line up correctly or they wouldn't let us in. waited for about another 30 min after the door opened since too many people couldn't be in there for safety issues. Once I got in, i still remember i was only 14 and with my sister. We really didn't have a goal to get something in particular but we came across a computer and it was really cheap i guess. $450 for a desktop wasn't too bad, especially if i was only using it for school work. After we ordered it through the store with free shipping, I was excited since it was my first computer. Then after that we headed to a local mall around the area and it took us over 1 hour just to find parking! AND once we found one, someone decided to steal our space. After that, it took us about 20 more minutes to find another parking. Once we got in, the lines to the stores were crazy! We were stupid to not have one wait in line while the other shops. Waited over an hour in line just to pay. It was ridiculous. Black Friday seriously brings out the bad in people. Won't be going to the mall again on black friday unless theres something i really want.

For this year, i'm probably going to try Wal-Mart or the Apple store. Depends on the sales they have. And also this time, I learned my lesson to leave early so maybe after dinner I will head out to the spot with a good cup of hot coffee.
dustdle Oct 21, 2010
I once got extra "item tickets" at the Black Friday stores lines and sell some of them back to the people in the back of the line to make a profit.
Loves2spoon Oct 21, 2010
I've never shopped on black friday but I did work 18 hours last year on that day! I remember waking up at 3am and getting ready for work, arriving in the parking lot I see a massive line... Thousands of people ready to kill the person in front of them to get the $100 computer! lol

I parked my car and had my jacket on hiding my employee polo shirt, I cut in the very front of the line while talking to another associate! Needless to say they were not happy campers, no pun intended! lmao. I took off my jacket and calmed down the crowd, it was 10 minutes until opening and it was my first black friday, I was a little nervous and excited to see how much I could sell that day! As I finished my red bull the doors opened and the store was flooded with customers running towards the computer dept. I had a line of 100+ people at my register in 10 seconds! After 6 straight hours of checking people out I was exhausted, I've never been happier to leave for lunch and get out of my store!

18 hours later and $120,000 of merchandise sold I think I had a pretty good day! I hope to be able to spend time with my family this year and buy them something nice on black friday with a $200 gift card! Happy Holidays! =)
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GadgetDon Oct 21, 2010
Target's been my favorite store - it's where I found a Wii first year it was out, and the crowds seem a little less insane than elsewhere. I'm not great on crowds, so I don't hit a lot of stores. Got a great price on a digital camera last year for a friend.
Nikitasmith01 Oct 21, 2010
Last year my mom sister a friend and I went to Target to get a keyboard and some other things. The main item though was for the keyboard. However after standing in line for a half an hour a rep came out and said a limited amount of TVs and other items were sent, not the entire shipment that they expected. My mom decided to ask how many keyboards.. he said 3. well we decided snce he didnt say 0 we were stayig and going to try out best to get the keyboard. as soon as we were let in, mind our plan was to stick together. My mom flew in like a bat out of hell, she's very shprt mind you so she was lost amongst everyone. By the time the rest of us made our way back we see her bobbing in and out of isles and people then finally throwing her self on to two keyboard boxes and hanging on to them for dear life yelling 'GRAB A CART GRAB A CART HURRY UP HURRY UP!!!" There wasn't even anyone else trying to get any keyboards. the whole thing was just too funny.