Windows 7 Professional Upgrade - Student Discount

Alive Again 7-26-11

- For students only (need an .edu address).

- Upgrade edition (need a previous version of windows XP, Vista, 7 starter, etc to upgrade from).

- Download version only.
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What's the matter?
jamesjr55 Apr 02, 2011
Does anybody know if you can buy 2 copies of this with the same student e-mail address?
fluffy Apr 02, 2011
Deninitely not, according to the Full Terms and Conditions link: One offer per .edu address OR billing address. Sounds like two students with the same billing address can only order one copy of W7P, even if they have different .edu addresses!
jacksonrose Apr 02, 2011
fluffy Apr 01, 2011
In the past, The Microsoft Store (1-877-696-7786) has offered your choice of either Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional, either Upgrade or Full version, on DVD for the same $29.99 price with free ground shipping whenever this download deal was being publicized. They never put it on their web site. Just try calling them and ask about student pricing for Windows 7. You still need to give them a .edu E-mail address, but I didn't even have to verify it. I suppose it might make a difference if their E-mailed invoice bounced!
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nimase85 Apr 01, 2011
Alive again?? When has this deal ever gone away?? I always buy my microsoft products for there student program and this is the price i always see
nimase85 Apr 01, 2011
just though ya'll might like to know "ay2010" posted a deal for Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010 for $79.95
fluffy Apr 01, 2011
I've only seen it for $29.99 about three times (counting this time)since Windows 7 was released. It's usually in the $70 range for students. I know because I've had to tell people they missed it after each time it expired.
freebugg Apr 01, 2011
PreparedAmerica Apr 01, 2011
ShiningDream Apr 01, 2011
Has anyone tried upgrading using this from Windows XP ? Just want to make sure this will work with Windows XP before I buy it.
fluffy Apr 01, 2011
There has never been a way to upgrade from XP to Windows 7 without doing a clean, or "custom" install as Microsoft likes to call it. That means that you have to back up your files somewhere else, boot from the Windows 7 DVD, then restore your files. Since you have to boot from the DVD, you can either pay extra for the backup media through this offer, or you can look for the bothersome method of creating a DVD from the download. If you know someone who has a Win7 Professional Upgrade DVD, you should be able to use that with the license key you get with the download.
jamesjr55 Apr 01, 2011
Alive Again 4-1-11
smugly Sep 14, 2010
No longer $29.99, now $65
roro Sep 08, 2010
This should be the price for everyone
huningning Sep 07, 2010
Cool, I think my friends will like it.
wonder Sep 08, 2010
& i think i'd like to have one of ur friend's .edu address , & perhaps the password
tritrain Sep 07, 2010

I think I'll pay $1200 in tuition just so I could get this discount!!
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bestbuyshopping Sep 07, 2010
malogna Aug 17, 2010
Awesome! This is so great, finally get rid of Vista!
fieljana Aug 16, 2010
what a bargain....
keithketover Aug 15, 2010
Hey alumni! All you need is a .edu address.
Elkaye Aug 15, 2010
I have to get this!
joiful13 Aug 15, 2010
i hope that it lasts until monday when i get my new school password. great deal!!
Iwantcookies Aug 14, 2010
That's pretty awesome! Thanks!
callarse1 Aug 14, 2010
Great, but too bad it's download only. :(
fluffy Aug 15, 2010
If this download is like it was when they first launched Windows 7, there are ways of creating a DVD from it, but it is not as simple as burning an .iso to disc. Very annoying.
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callarse1 Jun 25, 2011
Hi fluffy! Thanks for the suggestion. I just re-checked the offer AND I have some good news. 1st: they give you an option to have them mail you a DVD copy (extra charge: $14), 2nd: they give you option to download ISO or EXE file. Yeah! :D.
suicycle Aug 14, 2010
Wow, that's a low price!
BBLoverr Aug 14, 2010
Wow! Awesome deal!!
socketassault Aug 14, 2010
This is awesome. I already have 7 though.
Darkwolf Aug 14, 2010
Great deal!
Nitrous Aug 14, 2010
WHAT?!?! Wow where was this deal when i bought the exact same thing but for 5x the price....
tck3600 Aug 14, 2010
pity it's download only
kevin1979 Aug 14, 2010
Wow, great deal
htuong Jul 22, 2010
Although this is an update version, it's still a great deal!! I just downloaded it. Thanks!
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AmandaGT Jul 22, 2010
Fantastic! Though the download says it's for users of Windows XP & Vista, it also works for those who want to upgrade from another version of Windows 7 (e.g., those of us on netbooks with Windows 7 Starter). An amazing bargain! :)
balagyi Jul 22, 2010
great deal. thanks. :)
audiocracy Jul 21, 2010
Yay! it has Berklee...That Amazon Prime offer didn't work with the .net account that Berklee gives to its students!
cmsucarebear Jul 21, 2010
Fantastic Deal! I've got it downloading right now!
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smogbean Jul 21, 2010
What a deal!!!