This deal is expired! - Rocket RS850 Signature Tower Loudspeaker - In Stock

$899 $1999
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Expires: 04/22/09
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Apr 17, 2009
is this speaker is single?i think two speaker will better & give good sound.
Apr 15, 2009
This is an incredible price for an outstanding speaker. There is some strange stuff happening at the company atm dealing with some private sales on their classified pages by of all ppl the owner...but this sale is done by the company. I came very close to driving 10 hours to buy the same speakers used with no warranty and the speakers would have cost me more then this set! Do a google for "Rocket RS850 sale used" to see some examples. This was a no brainer to me. But I have the RS550's, RSS300s, RSC200, and UFW-10. This sale lasts only a week.

As with all online speaker sales you really need to spend several hours IMO researching the speakers before making the purchase. This price is so cheap that it matters a bit less for this line. BTW, the rosewood speakers are absolutely beautiful.

For a full setup I would have done this myself:

Its a much better setup then I originally purchased at a much cheaper price.

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