Xbox News - Get a Thank-you Gift from Xbox LIVE

During the month of October, spend 2400 Microsoft Points on Arcade games and/or game add-ons and you’ll get 800 Microsoft Points added to your membership as a thank-you gift.
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What's the matter?
anangke Oct 08, 2010
the 4 to 6 weeks start after the promotion ends. I've done a similar deal when ea was doing a promo, it takes forever to get the points I had to call and complain. but if you're going to buy some dlc anyway it's an ok deal.
incubusattack Oct 08, 2010
Gotta read the fine print down at the bottom.
"The free points will be deposited automatically into your Xbox LIVE account after the end of the promotion period. Please allow four weeks for delivery, on or around November 30, 2010."
gangstabarbie Oct 08, 2010
you only get when you spend =)
pandoraloveme Oct 08, 2010
Definitely not free
socketassault Oct 07, 2010
Awesome. M$ trying to scam more money...:/
Mojo Oct 08, 2010
How is this a scam?!? If I was going to buy Peggle, Worms 2 Armageddon, and the new Borderlands Claptrap Expansion Pack during the month of October anyway, and then come November 3oth I get a credit of 800 points back on my account, effectively making one of the purchased items free, why would I complain about that? It's just a sale, plain and simple...big evil corporation Microsoft isn't forcing anybody to spend their points to get this deal.
socketassault Oct 08, 2010
First of all, a month or so ago, they raised the Gold price by 25% or so, without really adding any new features.

This is a really crappy promotion. It's not even a sale.
It's a 3:1 point ratio. Spend 3 points ,get one point. It sucks.

Thirdly, Xbox Live is a huge scam. Once you switch to PC gaming, and you notice the difference in the maturity of the gamers, the difference in service/game quality, and the HUGE difference in cost, you'll never go back to Live again.

The little games you listed would probably between 5-15 dollars on Live. I didn't check, so don't hold me to that.

Those same things would cost less on sale, and once a year they would be discounted by 75%.
bledsoenc Oct 08, 2010
None of what you just said makes XBL a scam.

Raising the price of a service doesn't make it a scam.

Poor promotions don't make something a scam -- and the promotion is alright anyway, evidenced by the 40 upvotes.

Differences in service quality between two services don't make one of them a scam.

It sounds like you just don't like it, which is fair.
socketassault Oct 09, 2010
Yeah, I'm pretty sure raising the cost of a service arbitrarily without increasing the quality of the service or adding new features qualifies as a scam.

But don't mind me. Keep paying your overpriced subscription and game fees.

I used to be a 360/Halo fanboy, so it's not like I'm biased.
Taylor9124 Oct 07, 2010
Yeah, definitely not free.
Darkwolf Oct 07, 2010
Thats not free lol! its a by 2400 worth of stuff then get 800 back :(
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Maxxthearsonist Oct 07, 2010
I spent 6000 and I got nothing so far ;/
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Darkwolf Oct 07, 2010
need to spend at least 2400...
Maxxthearsonist Oct 07, 2010
haha I spent 6000 points, that's a lot more than 2400
IronFerret Oct 07, 2010
I think you have to wait until the promotion period ends, then the points will be put onto your account. It said something like that in the "rules" or whatever they are for the promotion.