Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate FREE

Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate is free with the following promo code-

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What's the matter?
mitesh873 Jan 14, 2010
Jan 14, 2010
I've been wanting to download something like this for a while, works great! Thanks!
Jan 14, 2010
code not working on Mac download
Jan 13, 2010
Good tool; good price.
Jan 12, 2010
works fine just download ultimate and once installed goto help register add anyname and then serial.
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Jan 06, 2010
Any username and the code - worked fine for me.
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Jan 05, 2010
where do you enter the username at when you download? Or is this after you install the download?
Jan 05, 2010
Username: xilisoft
Then enter the code. Worked fine for me...
Jan 05, 2010
One Tip enter xilisoft as name and downlod ULTIMATE! Then it will work. But i want a mac key :( I have windows but i don't want to use it :(
Jan 05, 2010
Sorry, Coupon code invalid. Please enter another code or contact customer service staff (sales@xilisoft.com).
You will be rewarded a coupon after each purchase.
Jan 05, 2010
The code isn't working. Does it need a specific user name?
Jan 05, 2010
This Code is not for the Mac Version! You can only use it for the Windows Version. Sorry!
Jan 05, 2010
click thumbs down on accident. Just click the "mac version" in the top right corner for mac's.
Jan 05, 2010
Not working. Won't register with any name. Solutions?
Jan 05, 2010
Is there a Mac key? :(
Jan 05, 2010
I think the license code may be windows-specific (to be fair, that's the product the link points to - but was hoping it would work for both OS's!)
Jan 05, 2010
Didn't work for me. Thanks for the wasted time on the download, much appreciated.
Jan 05, 2010
agreed with drew, doesn't work on the Mac version. Guess I'm sticking with Handbrake.
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Jan 05, 2010
What the hell? What is the username I'm supposed to put in with it >.
Jan 05, 2010
downloaded great! WRONG CODE FOR MAC!!!
ghdesign Jan 05, 2010
not working on Mac. :(
tehk1w1 Jan 04, 2010
Works awesomely! Thanks!
victory1 Jan 04, 2010
OOPS! Didn't mean to click the thumbs down. Worked great
Jan 04, 2010
Worked great...just got a touch and now I can rip dvds to my computer and put them in itunes then to ipod. This program is pretty slow compared to others like dvd fab
acdealsplus Jan 04, 2010
Awesome, I've used Xilisoft for years...
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subaquaman Jan 04, 2010
Thanks for this one!! I have been looking for a good DVD ripper, this rips to iphone and ipod as well!!!
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Planecrazy Jan 04, 2010
Thanks! No problem setting up - look forward to trying it later!

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dripdd Jan 04, 2010
After downloading the Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate, enter the license code under the help tap.
Jan 04, 2010
This software is okay. But I much prefer FreeStar Free DVD Ripper. It more fast.
fokewe Jan 03, 2010
In41 Thanks
Jan 02, 2010
Schoop-da'-whoop, it is working perfectly.
drewcp Jan 02, 2010
Doesn't work for Mac version.
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mxracer46x Jan 02, 2010
Worked for me thanks!
once downloaded go to help tab then go to enter license code then enter code provided above make sure to type correct numbers and letters
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jmste755 Jan 02, 2010
Thanks. Free is great & promo code is dead on...
victory1 Jan 02, 2010
Thanks, just completed download..no problems.
hoabruce Jan 02, 2010
worked just fine, thanks Omega
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