Zappos Loses $1.6 Million in Six-Hour Pricing Screw-Up

This past Friday, between midnight and 6 a.m. PST,, a Zappos sister site, accidentally made the biggest pricing error in the company's history. All items in the store were capped at a maximum price of $49.95--a huge mistake, since carries luxury items that can reach into the thousands of dollars. Read more ...

Did anyone get a GREAT deal during the screw-up??
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What's the matter?
Devil_Doc May 26, 2010
omg!!! i wish!!
dealsGirl101 May 26, 2010
OMG!! and to think I slept through it all! grrrr!!

I'm a software engineer and boy, can a line of code mess you up, forget a line of code, one darn character!!! *Ouch!*
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ozonelayer May 26, 2010
i thought as much.
i was so luck. I got a BALLY SHOES REDUCED FROM $375 TO $49.i have received it

IT WAS A MAD DAY. EXPENSIVE SHOES UP TO $800 REDUCED TO $49. I told my wife this must be a mistake
ThePriceIsRight May 26, 2010
dang why didn't you let everyboyd on DP know that day!
ozonelayer May 26, 2010
Only lasted for 6hours. For me 3hrs
DealOrNoDeal May 26, 2010
is zappos and 6pm same company?
DealOrNoDeal May 26, 2010
dang how can i miss that!!!
kissme May 26, 2010
wow.. really??? 1.6 million is sales??? how about other cost?
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skyk May 26, 2010 also had the great deal :)
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skyk May 26, 2010
BTW, Zappos and 6pm are an awesome company!
JessNYCA May 26, 2010
What a crazy story! Pretty amazing that they're honoring all purchases made during their mess up. So many sites simply cancel orders when a pricing error is made. Pat on the back, 6pm!