PS3 price drop coming “soon

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What's the matter?
Apr 08, 2009
rumor is fake.
anhhungthoiloan Apr 03, 2009
well i hope its coming soon since i am planning to buy one
tehk1w1 Mar 28, 2009
Eh -it's just a rumor. It's definitely possible, but I wouldn't bank on it.
appleman Mar 27, 2009
Sony would be loosing sooo much money
betawaffles Mar 27, 2009
It may or may not be a price drop but something is being announced.
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mrbob Mar 27, 2009
This has already been said and was not true
drewcp Mar 27, 2009
The Sony Rep that handles issues for my store said No Price Drop, but there will be a 2 game bundle coming out for the same $399 USD
cthayer Mar 27, 2009
Thanks for the heads up on the upcoming bundle!

I don't think sony will confirm the price drop in advance because if they did, no one would buy one until the price drop happened. IMHO
moose Mar 27, 2009
oh its gonna happen... its just a matter of when... i think it will this summer when gaming sales are at their lowest.
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Mar 27, 2009
any word on WHEN?
cthayer Mar 27, 2009
Not that I could find. That's why it's a rumor and not news....
coupcoup Mar 27, 2009
Dell currently provides 15-20% off coupons on Game consoles. If they drop the price more than 20%, then that's NEWS!
cthayer Mar 27, 2009
Any price drop would be good for me. Then I'd apply those 15-20% off coupons to the new lower price :)

Though it's good to know that some merchants are taking the PS3 price issue into their own hands.
honeyclove Mar 27, 2009
cthayer Mar 27, 2009
I've been hearing about this recently......

If it true, everyone should wait to buy until it happens.....