Quake 4 - Xbox 360

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jutgreen (L5)
Mar 10, 2007
IGN Review - Rating: 8.1/10 Impressive
Closing Comments
Quake 4 is one of those games that will appeal to console gamers who haven't owned a PC for years. It's a decent port, though it lacks 16-players online (it supports eight-player Xbox Live and SysLink), and the framerates drops significantly in the second half of the game, but Raven has done some good things, too. The single-player campaignn is varied and pretty interesting, getting better after you're Stroggified. The enemies go from dumb and running right at you to diverse and more interesting in the scond half of the game, and there are a few cool boss fights worth your while. The gory graphics and excellent lighting are well done and they'll appeal to many gamers looking for a fast, shiny game to just let loose on. Quake 4 isn't the next coming, but it's an entertaining game with a solid multiplayer component (and the full Quake 2 PC game bundled in). It's definitely worth your while.

GameSpot Review - Rating: 6/10 Fair
The Good: Comes with a full version of Quake II; good weapon selection; weapon upgrades make you rethink how you use your arsenal along the way.
The Bad: Frame rate gets downright atrocious in spots; voices are often muffled and difficult to make out; multiplayer sticks too close to an old game's blueprint; vehicle sequences are a little too basic.

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