Refurbished iPods & iPod Touch Sale

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Jan 12, 2010
this is f***ing crazy i can go 2a different website & get 1 4 160.00 and free shipping lower your efing prices oh and btw sorry for my language i am just so angry you charge someone this much kaching for a REFURBISHED ipod touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only 33 % said it "worked" so what now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 04, 2009
the ipod sucked horribly
Jul 14, 2009
Apr 17, 2009
yell are crazy az hell 2 think that im goin 2 pay so much 4 a used ipod touch when i can go 2 a BETTER website and get a 32gb itouch 4 $225 w/ FREE shipping. yal r so f***ing funny, lower the dam prices assholez!!!!! :(
Apr 12, 2009
you guys are really dum and shoud make them cheep
Apr 11, 2009
im gettin it and its gonna work nigga
Apr 10, 2009
there is not really a big sale
civic07 Aug 06, 2008
going to wait for September until the new gen is resealed 16Gb-299
moose Jul 17, 2008
I'm still trying to get one of the 32GB versions for FREE on one of those referral sites :/
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mkaykay Jul 15, 2008
wow! great deal! too bad I can't get a new one til the one I have now breaks
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BigJJ Jun 25, 2008
Coming back in stock at $50 off the retail price. Not bad if you've be dyin' for an iPod or an upgrade. Myself? Just not an iPod kinda guy.
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DyslexicSquirrel May 01, 2008
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buchanbj Apr 30, 2008
39 for an ipod...
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magik Jan 06, 2008
The title is misleading, it does not include the 1-year warranty. Just the standard 90 day warranty. The 1-year warranty must be purchased separately.
magik Jan 06, 2008
Ah, nevermind, it comes with 90-day single incident and 1-year warranty. The protection plan that is purchased separately is for 2-year coverage.

Great deal, I bought an 8GB :)
mimo001 Jun 12, 2007
great deal!

I bought a refurb 30 and 60 gig about six months back and both still work.
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ocegueda106 Jun 11, 2007
wow this is great. think ill get a 30 gig now. thanks vin for letting us know about this.
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ocegueda106 Jun 11, 2007
or utch didnt see that he summited it. well thanks to both either way.
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elbelcho May 24, 2007
Best part is they have full ONE YEAR warranty unlike refurbished products from many other vendors.
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shadgenki Jun 18, 2007
Yeah, but you have to buy it, which is the same as all other vendors:

AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod nano or iPod shuffle
extends the 90 days of complimentary single-incident support and one-year warranty on your iPod to up to two years of world-class support and service.
magik Jan 06, 2008
No. You don't have to buy it. If you read carefully, the AppleCare Protection Plan will *extend* the 90 day single-incident support and 1-year warranty to a 2-year warranty.

In other words, this comes with a 90 day single-incident support and 1-year warranty. Unlike other vendors. :)
Brentin May 07, 2007
I want one so bad!!! 30gb please!!!
Lilllie May 03, 2007
i want an ipod so bad.
jeffeb3 May 03, 2007
Do they still have the original etchings? I want to find one that says deals plus.
bigdn486 Apr 26, 2007
your deal gets better and better amazing deals
primo2424 Apr 25, 2007
Sounds like a great deal to me.

never had many problems with refurbished.
bossusa Apr 25, 2007
In stock now are the refurbished current-generation iPod video 80GB MP3 Player in Black for $299 and the Apple iPod video 30GB MP3 Player in Black or White for $209 both with free shipping ! ! !
PadMan Apr 25, 2007
hey great find. hopefully it will last because it's refurbished i but a refurbished ipod also, it lasted 4 months tehn the whell got jammed
civic07 Apr 24, 2007
good b/c u can get the current gen for 50 dollars cheaper
koolio852 Apr 24, 2007
Karnage Mar 27, 2007
Nice Item!!!
Eve15 Mar 27, 2007
I bought the 512MB for $29 in Jan 07 and it still works great. It takes a while to get used to iTunes if you are used to Windows Media Player.

The iPod was in flawless condition! Awesome Buy!
ducky22 Mar 27, 2007
I'll try for the free one!
Hooah Mar 20, 2007
I would rather win one. My friend already won one, so yeah.
kevlar180 Mar 19, 2007
ooh i want one
azndailo Mar 19, 2007
I'd rather win one too!! =)
mira_mirans Mar 19, 2007
Nice deal, but personally I'm hopin to win won thru dealsplus
Chiefzor Mar 18, 2007
These are some pretty good deals.
youmakememad Mar 06, 2007
great deal
meisenman Feb 15, 2007
Yo i bought a refurbashed ipod adn it broke so im no t sure about this deal. looks good though.
grizparker Feb 27, 2007
Hey....if you have bought one of these, please take a minute to stop buy the Refurbished Reviews group (click here) and let others know how it works out for you!
phillies2626 Feb 13, 2007
wow great deal
bossusa Feb 13, 2007
Great Deal..WOW, Thanks UTCH ! ! !
kmasterk100 Feb 11, 2007
great deal
hapablap Feb 09, 2007
FYI on ordering $49 ipod shuffle from apple store. The airport enabler addition doesnt get you free shipping. I got charged for shipping even though it said free shipping at my initial checkout. But after processing, it separated the order into 2 separate ones thereby charging me more than had I just paid for the shuffle alone. Wasted $2.15 but still a good deal on the shuffle.
lexx575 Feb 09, 2007
this deal is getting better and better wow.
firefly_o0o8 Feb 09, 2007
i want one so bad maybe i will have to buy one from here. been trying to win one. thanks for letting me know about this deal!
gonnagettaviper Feb 09, 2007
I bought a refurbed gen 2 nano @ The Costco Business Center here in Phoneix AZ for $10 less than what is selling them for. It works great...and if it breaks Costco more or less has a lifetime return policy!!
wwong131 Feb 09, 2007
i know someone who just bought a refurbished one from apple so far there is no problems so its still pretty reliable
matwat22 Feb 09, 2007
great deal. refurbished is basically new, its the same great quality as new becuase apple is smart enough not to give you an ipod that was used and is now crap. Great Deal!
papillon_82 Feb 09, 2007
Great deal!
johng333 Feb 06, 2007
Get a free music download from No purchase necessary!! Completely free and easy!!
civic07 Feb 06, 2007
great deal
lexx575 Feb 03, 2007
this is wonderful.
Eve15 Jan 23, 2007
I snagged one of these a while back and it's worked great so far. I wouldn't spend more on a no-display mp3 because it can be frustrating to find songs or know what is going on with the blinking lights when it won't play.