Samsung LNS3241D 32" Wide LCD HDTV with Integrated ATSC Tuner

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May 26, 2007
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Apr 15, 2007
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Mar 04, 2007
Amazon User Rating: 4/5 (out of 56 reviews)

Review: I went into my local Circuit City recently intending to look at the Sharp Aquos LC-32D40U. I had heard so much abou the Aquos TVs and how good they were. Since it was on sale I came close to buying it. But the Samsung LNS3241D was sitting right next to the Sharp on the rack and I immediately noticed that the Samsung's picture just looked a whole lot better. Compared to the Samsung, I couldn't believe how washed out the blacks were on the Sharp. I even played with the controls on the Sharp to make sure it's settings weren't messed up. It became very clear that the Samsung has a way better contrast fact it pretty much looked the best out of all the other 32" TVs on display except for maybe the Sony XBR which is twice the price. So I picked up the Samsung and have loved it ever since. Mine didn't have a single burnt pixel out of the box. The built in speakers are pretty respectable. When having friends over to watch movies...they have asked if all that sound was coming from the TV's speakers. The picture quality is great with Comcast HD and with DVDs. It's awesome to have an LCD with such deep, rich blacks, but my only complaint is that sometimes the darks are a bit too dark. It may just be a setting issue. I haven't tried seriously to fix it because it doesn't bother me that much. I was also blown away by the quality I was able to get hooking up my laptop computer to the TV. since the PC connector is just VGA and not DVI, I thought "this is going to look like crap" but it looks great...extreamly crisp and clear. The TV. could very well be used as a computer monitor too. All in all, I'm a very happy camper...except for the fact that Amazon's price is now cheaper than Circuit City's sale price! aarrgh. Oh well. It's a great TV.
Mar 03, 2007
CNET product brief
for Samsung LN-S3241D - LCD TV - 32"

Description: This version of the Samsung LN-S3241D is a 32-inch, liquid crystal display television. Compared to other liquid crystal display TVs on the market, it is midpriced at around $1,130. This product has an LCD display, which is generally the best kind of flat-panel screen for viewing in brightly-lit rooms.

Pros: This TV has multi-channel preview (PIP), when connected to a DVR. With built-in HDTV compatibility, this TV set can display images that are significantly sharper and more realistic than regular television, as long as the source is high definition. (It can easily render standard-resolution digital TV broadcasts and also depict the full resolution of widescreen DVD video.) The 3:2 pulldown feature of this TV reduces artifacts that can occur when motion pictures are transferred to a digital format such as DVD.

Cons: None noted, given available product data.

Suitability: Built for those who want to enjoy an ultra-sharp picture from an ultra-thin TV. In general, a wide aspect display such as this one is well suited for DVD movies recorded in the popular 16:9 format, as well as high definition programming.

Value: Overall, this TV has good features for the money.

Suggestions: (1) Be sure to shop for an HDTV receiver if you want to watch digital programming. (2) Since this TV supports progressive scan video, you probably will want to have a progressive scan DVD player connected to it. This will produce a relatively more "flicker-free" picture, compared to what is produced with conventional DVD players and TVs. (3) For help in understanding the various types of TVs and their features, see David Katzmaier's TV buying guide at CNET Reviews.
Mar 03, 2007
5 Eggs on Newegg with 17 Reviews

Sample: Review by bp3000

Pros: This TV is great and I use it as a HD monitor and as my PC monitor using the analog D15 connector. When watching HD on it the picture is superb and able to sit as close as you want without pixelating. The picture is great and colors are quite superb. It blows away my previous monitor. Overall I’m extremely happy and would not go back to my old TV for anything, it was worth every penny.

Cons: One of the quirks is that it only had one component, but that’s not so bad. Another is I tried to use the HDMI input from my pc and that did not work as hoped but over the analog I get 1360x768 absolutely clear (perfect pixel for pixel resolution). The TV was also way to bright from factory and once I turned the brightness all the way down the picture improved.

Other Thoughts: Another thing is that when playing games such as hl2 & fear they look awesome but the latency is noticeable in a huge battle screen but its still easily lived with, and no worse than a normal LCD monitor. This one is just bigger so it’s easier to see.
Mar 03, 2007
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