Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS (Perpendicular Recording Technology) 320GB

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What's the matter?
czigler Apr 12, 2007
wow... amazing deal if you ask me... although im not really a computer guru =)
nimrodboy3 Apr 12, 2007
Price drop: Now $79.99

Use the promo code: EMC411DCUDA

Total is now $74.99!
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nimrodboy3 Apr 11, 2007
Price back to $84.99.
bossusa Mar 23, 2007
Wow, awesome deal, Thanks Vin...
InfernoBlade92 Mar 23, 2007
Dead Deal: Now costs $84.99 + Free Shipping
Frozen316 Feb 19, 2007
Good deal
Knicks4life Feb 19, 2007
wow great deal. great find!
mattg52391 Feb 15, 2007
great deal
coopins Feb 14, 2007
OEM seagate drives from newegg do not carry the 5 year warranty from seagate because newegg buys the drives at auction from seagate. Only the retail drives carry the 5 year warranty.
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haooken Feb 14, 2007
awesome stuff! I've been looking for one of these. And great price! This is why I love DealsPlus.
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jutgreen Feb 14, 2007
Awesome drives and a great price! I have two of them right now.

Wikipedia: Perpendicular Recording
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Breex243 Feb 11, 2007
tigerdirect has the OEM version of this drive for $85 incl shipping
and only $70 if u want to fill out some rebates
Breex243 Feb 11, 2007
BTW, OEM means that it doesn't have manuals or cables, but in this case, it still has a full 5-year warranty
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klawrence92 Feb 11, 2007
Price Drop:
$89.99 + Free Shipping
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venkateshnt Jan 29, 2007
The current price is $94.99
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calebb Sep 05, 2006
This is a great deal - huge cache, nice warranty :)

Also, this sale is back on, one day only, September 5, 2006!
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barracuda Jul 20, 2006
Its getting close to my internal magic number. $0.297/gig on this deal. At $0.25 per gig I snap them up
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LeBlog Jul 19, 2006
brurbush - i am in the same boat as you but when i looked around for other prices on this model i found a few priced at $95 so it's an amazing deal no doubt, but not an urgent deal.
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Super_C Jul 19, 2006
Wow. bfurbush is right. Decent deal for IDE, but fantastic deal for SATA. And fancy that, it uses the new "Perpendicular Recording" that is going to result in their 750 GB model later this year.
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bfurbush Jul 19, 2006
That makes me so angry I don't have the cash to buy this at the moment...absolutely incredible deal for an SATA drive...easily made into an external drive even for about $30. 16MB cache is great as is the 3.0GB/s transfer speed...blazing drive and deal. Thanks a ton, hope they have more like this!
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