Slime Smart Spair Tire Repair Kit

*Free store pick up
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What's the matter?
xrjohn May 23, 2013
i've used slime before, it works really well. good price, nice that you get the compressor.
shopange08 May 21, 2013
I've heard good stuff about this product. It's one of those items you keep around just in case, but hope you never need
Dexterous May 21, 2013
good repair kit for such a low price
backspace May 21, 2013
This is a must have...will come handy when you need
DealLeader May 21, 2013
Excellent price on this.
erick99 May 21, 2013
I paid more than that for a single can of repair goo and I ended up needing two cans. A very nice deal.
wzhenwei May 21, 2013
This is very useful! Great deal! Thanks for sharing it!
jake_ucb May 21, 2013
Wow! Great price
stella271 May 21, 2013
Do not use this stuff , on car tires. Throws them out of balance, then it costs very much to clean out the inside of the tire. Better to keep a patch plug kit in you truck.
Jazmine_ilene May 21, 2013
This thing is awesome lol. I used to use it on my bike tire when I got a flat lol. Awesome price for this
dvinegrace83 May 21, 2013
@Jazmine_ilene ya, not sure if this is the best to have for car, but maybe bike wheels?? gonna ask hubby if he could use something like this! =)
blackfoot May 21, 2013
Good item to have in the case of emergency.
shimisi May 21, 2013
Had one of those emergency situations earlier this year and luckily got to Lowe's for one of these. Works great!
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seanvcxz May 21, 2013
This stuff works great in an emergency situation. For that price it's better to play it safe than sorry.
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littlexu May 21, 2013
It shows $23.39 on and it is not available for the store around me. :(
lotuslove19 May 21, 2013
This is an awesome product ,something I really need to buy,will check the deal and get it.
fluffy May 21, 2013
It shows me $8.97 on the Sears page, and confirms that price in the pop-up when I add it to my cart, but as soon as I go to checkout, it becomes $23.39! Very frustrating! I could really use this.
FibroMom May 21, 2013
Thanks - ordered one for teen son that works late nights during the summer - this will give me a little peace of mind - JUST in Case! :)
rd995 May 21, 2013
i agree just the compressor alone will cost you probably more nice deal
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chuckydealpl May 21, 2013
this is a good deal, just for the compressor alone
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akaricke May 20, 2013
$5 drop. Now only $8.97 with free store pick up.
akaricke May 20, 2013
$8.97 pricing shows in the cart.
akaricke May 20, 2013
Amazon has it for almost 3 times more the price. Good reviews too
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