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Military members can save up to 50% on their Sitter City membership plans. Monthly plans are 25% off, quarterly plans are 50% off and yearly plans are 25% off. The Sitter City military quarterly plan is the lowest price you will find anywhere.

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About Sittercity

When it comes to your children, it can be hard to know who to trust. Especially if you're living in a new town, or are dealing with a sitter who's always booked. (As the good ones usually are.) You need a backup and a backup for your backup, and sometimes it's just hard to pin them all down. Instead of searching the hard way, however, one company put themselves in the middle. Sitter City works by doing background checks and vouching for sitters, then allowing users to log in and book their services from a website that's safe and trusted.

What's even more impressive is that the site can be used for free. Parents and sitters alike set up profiles, while the latter goes through background checks. Then parents can interview and find the right person to watch their kids, whether for a long-term basis, or just whenever mom and dad need a night out. Simple, quick, and safe. Use the same sitter for repeat bouts, or decide that someone else is better suited for your needs. To save some extra money on these services, be sure to find and use a Sittercity coupon!

What are the best Sittercity coupons?

Most nanny and babysitter services can cost a pretty penny. Patrons can get coupons to offset the price of membership. Basic use of the site is free, but customers can get more out of it when they sign up for a membership. Check out their official promotions page or browse here to see all Sittercity promo codes for 1-month, 3-month, and year long memberships.

How do I use my coupon code?

When shopping online at (store name):
  1. Choose your membership plan.

  2. At check out, enter your code into the box that says “Promo Code”.

  3. Click ‘Apply’

  4. Your discount will be reflected in the final price shown.

Other tips for using SitterCity

Parents can rest assured with Sitter City, a website that's designed to help bring kids and sitters together. Browse through the 'Trust & Safety Center' to learn some great tips for keeping your loved ones safe and to ease your nerves. Read about safety for parents and safety for sitters to get all of the most important information.