New Tool To Detect Unsafe Passwords

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Have a favorite password? Unfortunately, there's a good chance hackers already know it.

Fortunately, Google just launched a new tool for free that'll let you know if your login information has been exposed! How? See below.

If you use Google Chrome, download the extension Password Checkup, which monitors your various logins and will send you an alert if one of your passwords has been compromised. You'll receive a warning prompting you to change your password right away.

How does this extension work? Google will cross-check login credentials against an updated database of over four billion passwords and usernames that's collected from password dumps. When a hacker breaches a site's data, such as Yahoo or LinkedIn, they often post the large database of usernames and passwords online. The extension will compare your login information against similar databases. Furthermore, the extension was designed by cryptography experts, and as such, your usernames and passwords will be encrypted so that Google won't actually see that information.

This extension is only available for Google Chrome. However, if you have another browser, similar extensions do exist, such as Dashlane and 1Password.

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