Average Tax Refunds Down 8.4 Percent?!

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For the first week of this year's tax season, average refunds were down 8.4%, with the average refund check being $1,865 (as opposed to last year's $2,035). Many taxpayers count on the refund to make important payments on things such as home repairs, cars, and more.

In result of the changes of the federal tax law, the IRS estimated that it would issue about 2.3% fewer refunds this year. There is also an estimate that 30 million Americans will owe the IRS money this year, which is 3 million more than before Trump's tax law was issued.

Many taxpayers are complaining that they always receive refunds, but now owe the IRS money this year instead.

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TLWisner (L2)
Feb 10, 2019
My refund was a little less this year but I made more money this year and still paid less taxes than last year. If you really want a bigger refund you can simply withhold more taxes. Or, if you are smart, you can save the money yourself - but most people don't seem to be that smart. Yay for lower taxes!

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