JCPenney Drops Apple Pay - Customers Are Furious

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After announcing on Twitter that they will no longer support Apple Pay in-store or online, JCPenney received harsh criticism via tweets from furious customers.

Apple Pay was created because plastic credit cards are vulnerable: they can be stolen and all the information is shown by default. Meanwhile, Apple Pay reads your iPhone or Apple Watch to an NFC reader so all of your personal information remains secure.

While it's unclear why a large company such as JCPenney would drop Apple Pay, it has happened before. Shortly after its launch in 2014, a number of retailers got rid of Apple Pay in order to debut their own mobile payment solutions.

It's also possible that JCPenney chose to remove Apple Pay because it wants more data about its customers, and Apple Pay data is not shared with third parties. That data can be valuable to a chain like JCPenney, which has been struggling for over a decade.

Want to know more? Read the article at MSN.

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johnd4 (L5)
Apr 24, 2019
I hardly ever use Apple Pay, so I'm kinda indifferent to this news haha

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