Over 190 People Sick from E. Coli in Ground Beef

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Over 190 people have fallen sick due to an E. coli outbreak in ground beef that began back in April.

On April 26th, the CDC reported around 19 cases of E. coli in 10 different states. That number of cases has risen by over 170 since then. As a result of the outbreak, Grand Park Packing of Franklin Park, Illinois recalled 52,300 pounds of raw ground beef on April 24th. In addition, Colorado Premium Foods in Carrollton, Georgia recalled over 113,000 pounds on April 23rd.

In regards to the outbreak, the CDC released this statement:
"Ill people bought or ate ground beef from several different grocery stores and restaurants. Many ill people bought large trays or chubs of ground beef from grocery stores and used the meat to make dishes like spaghetti sauce and sloppy joe."

Affected States:
  • Kentucky: 69 cases
  • Tennessee: 55 cases
  • Georgia: 49 cases
  • Ohio: 12 cases
  • Florida: 5 cases
  • Virginia: 2 cases
  • Illinois: 1 case
  • Indiana: 1 case
  • Minnesota: 1 case
  • Mississippi: 1 case

Victims range from younger children to people aged 84 years old. Younger children and elderly people are more susceptible to sickness from E. coli.

How to Detect E. coli:
People who've ingested E. coli typically get sick 3 to 4 days afterward. Symptoms tend to last 5 to 7 days and can include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting.

How to Help Prevent E. coli Infection:
The CDC reminds consumers to thoroughly cook ground beef to an internal temperature of 160°F. In addition, anybody that handles raw ground beef should wash their hands with soap, as well as clean any kitchen implements with hot, soapy water.
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