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Jan 30, 2020
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Whether you’re rooting for the 49ers, the Chiefs or the commercials and the halftime show, everyone can agree that one of the best parts of Super Bowl LIV (this Sunday at 6 p.m. ET) is the food. From the classic staples to wild and inventive alternates, here are some Super Bowl snacks and food recipes to consider for your party.
Wings are a staple of football stadiums, bars, restaurants and Super Bowl parties across the country.
Keep it simple: Give the people what they want with these classic (and spicy) buffalo wings. Don’t forget the ranch.
Step it up: Haven’t given up on your New Year’s resolution yet? Go for these baked chicken wings and save on napkins.
Go all the way: If you’re ready to get saucy, red chimichurri wings–chock full of red peppers, garlic, balsamic vinegar, herbs and more–will give your gathering an extra bit of originality. Plus, red goes with Chiefs fans and 49ers fans.
Nachos are another classic stadium food you can’t go without. It’s one of the most customizable Super Bowl party options, so you can really get creative with it.
Keep it simple: You can’t go wrong with the basics like these quick and easy nachos topped with BBQ pork.Step it up: Go DIY with a nacho bar filled with the toppings of your choice, like guac, salsa, cheese and more. This choose-your-own-adventure food is perfect for the inventive and picky eaters a like.
Go all the way: For anyone ready to show off, this crazy nachos recipe tops already-loaded nachos with chipotle taco meat and homemade guacamole.
Dips, particularly buffalo chicken dip, are Big Cat’s preferred alternate to nachos. Don’t forget to set out the chips, crackers or maybe just giant spoons. For an added touch, put everything in a football dip bowl.
Keep it simple: Ditch the jar of cheese sauce in favor of creamy homemade queso dip.
Step it up: Big Cat’s dip of choice is buffalo chicken dip—especially if you’re skipping the buffalo wings.
Go all the way: Give your guests something to write home about with bacon cheeseburger dip.
Pizza is synonymous with sports and parties. Do it up, keep it simple, a pizza is still pizza.
Keep it simple: Pizza is a universal party food, and nothing says hospitality like homemade pizza. Let your guests get creative with decorate-your-own personal pizzas, or make one pie big enough to feed a small army.
Step it up: Stick with the football theme and use pepperonis to decorate your pizza like a pigskin.
Go all the way: Take things from 2D to 3D with a cheesy pizza football bomb (throwing not recommended) stuffed with goodness.
Chili is kind of messy—but so is football. Give the fans what they really want with the perfect winter food.
Keep it simple: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Stick with a traditional, classic chili.
Step it up: Marry your chili with hotdogs, yet another stadium staple, by making homemade coney dogs. Don’t forget to top with cheese.
Go all the way: Want some carbs to go with your carbs? Go with a dish full of chili mac and cheese.
Sliders are great for the mobile snacker, grazer or distracted sports fan. Slider is just a fancy way to say sandwich, so again, your options are wide open here.
Keep it simple: Pretty self-explanatory: A cheeseburger, but miniature. These bite-sized snacks can be made in one giant casserole dish.
Step it up: Can’t decide between pizza and sliders? Combine them for messy but flavorful pepperoni pizza sliders.
Go all the way: Eat like Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs with a Kansas City-style BBQ pulled pork slider.
Pigs in a blanket might be Big Cat’s lazier alternative to sliders, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less exciting. They’re as good as corn dogs, but classier.
Keep it simple: February is fullblown blanket season. Keep your guests warm with these classic pigs in a blanket.
Step it up: Pinkies up for this cranberry-Dijon dipping sauce specifically engineered for pigs in a blanket.
Go all the way: If you get one cheat day a week, make it Super Bowl Sunday, especially if you go for bacon-wrapped smokies. A bacon blanket is still a blanket, right?
Dessert is a universal crowd-pleaser. You’ve got to balance all of that sodium out with some sugar.
Keep it simple: This chocolate chip cheesecake ball shaped like a football may look complex, but it’s all about presentation. Really, it’s just a cookie dough-like dip in a football-shaped bowl.
Step it up: Dirt cups aren’t just for kids. Make yours Super Bowl-themed with a Milano cookie decorated like a football and turn the dirt cup into a turf cup with green frosting.
Go all the way: Calling frosting experts and playmakers alike: the Hail Mary football field brownie requires some intricate decorating, but yields serious results.
Finally, don’t forget the napkins. Seriously.

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