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The 5 Best Box Office Bombs Coming To HBO Max In July

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HBO Max has reacted to online outcry about the large number of disappearing DC Comics flicks by keeping some of them for next month. Yes, it’s a little weird that anyone should care about this, since I’d like to think that the most vocal DC fans own these titles on digital or on DVD/Blu-ray or 4K already, but I digress. So if you were an HBO Max subscriber who was mourning having to find another way to watch Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman v Superman (theatrical cut) and Suicide Squad (theatrical cut), worry no more. But yes, the four holdouts are DC Films titles, which makes sense in terms of the brand.

There are also around 180 new movies arriving on the new Warner Media streaming platform next month. Rather than discuss the best of the crop, I’d rather signal out some underrated or under-seen box office whiffs that deserve a second chance. You may have earned my scorn for missing these in theaters, but you can slightly redeem yourself now that the films are “free.” With one noted exception, all of these are arriving on July 1.

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