Toys R Us is Making a Comeback?!

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A year after Toys R Us liquidated its business after a crippling 2017 holiday season, executives are looking to bring back the iconic toy store.

Several formers Toys R Us executives began a company called Tru Kids on January 20th. While the full business plan is still a work in progress, the company is exploring multiple options. This includes stand-alone stores, pop-up shops,s or partnerships.

Their focus will be to grow the Toys R Us name in the United States, which is the biggest toy market in the world. Tru Kids will also look to avoid pitfalls that brought down Toys R Us, such as failing to invest in its stores and digital strategy. Tru Kids will emphasize technology, in-store experience, and customer service.

Meanwhile, this last Christmas was the first without Toys R Us, and toy sales fell 2%.

Want to know more? Read the article at CNBC.

What do you think of Toys R Us making a comeback? Will you be shopping at Tru Kids? Let us know in the comments!
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