Should You Ditch Amazon Prime?

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At one time, Amazon was leading the way with convenient and fast delivery options. The company spearheaded the two-day delivery trend with Prime membership and is in the process of transitioning that to next-day delivery. But, it seems that Amazon now has strict competition from both Walmart and Target.

Amazon currently offers its two-day delivery service with Prime membership, which costs an annual fee of $119 ($12.99 per month). On the other hand, Walmart offers the same delivery option, but with no annual membership required, just a minimum purchase of $35. Although the selection of items it not as high as Amazon, there are still millions of items for customers to shop from.

Even better, Target is upping its game and offering same-day delivery through Shipt service, which costs $99 per year or $9.99 per order. Although the selection of items available for this offer are much slimmer than both Amazon and Walmart, the retailer has a larger store base.

However, it should also be noted that a Prime membership gets you more than just two-day delivery. You also get access to other great benefits and perks, such as unlimited Prime video, discounts at Whole Foods, and more. So, while Target and Walmart are bridging the gap between faster delivery, if you're looking for those extra benefits, then Amazon may still be worth it.

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Would you consider leaving Prime to take advantage of Walmart and Target's delivery options? Let us know in the comments below!
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bmwsav (L2)
21 days ago
I once had Prime when I was constantly making purchases but now that my shopping has decreased significantly, I canceled Prime and wait till I have a minimum of $25 purchase to get free shipping anyway. I also wasn't crazy about Amazon Video to be honest. Amazon Prime had just became too expensive for what little I was using the service so I dropped it.
sdu4ads (L1)
25 days ago
Big fat NO! My son & grandson are 2,500 miles away & just the postage on little gifts I send the baby once every few weeks (fantastic book selection, btw!) more than pays for my membership. I also buy technical tools & accessories that I couldn’t get at a discount big box store. Add that to my pantry items, Prime Music & Video ... well, best of luck to anyone else in the running!
Mammoth (L3)
30 days ago
My point of view: assuming I make $10/hr, one round trip to a local Walmart or Target will take about 30~40min. Two trips will pay for the monthly Amazon Prime service fee. I'm a big fan of Amazon :) But at the same time, I'm glad that Walmart & Target is competing against Amazon. The more they compete, the more benefits we get.

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