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$1 Breakfast at IKEA

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Don’t sleep on breakfast.

IKEA remains committed to serving the first meal of the day for only $1! Breakfast includes two sausages, potato, and eggs, plus members of the IKEA Family loyalty program [free to join] always get free coffee, along with discounts on certain meals.

“The thought was to give the early shoppers a real deal before they start to shop,” a former IKEA employee said. “The reality has been that it has attracted a lot of people who are in a situation where a $1 breakfast is an essential lifesaver due to their financial situation. IKEA decided to keep on the breakfast because the people who need them now for this may well need IKEA for furniture and other items in the future. It’s one of the things that just makes IKEA very special.”

Read more about the best (and worst) things to order and the lowdown what to get and what to skip at IKEA which current and former IKEA employees say.

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