1 Million Birth Control Pill Packs Recalled

Drug manufacturer Pfizer has voluntarily recalled a million packets of birth control pills because of a packaging mix-up. The pills, which may be out of order, could lead to unintentional pregnancy....
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What's the matter?
additc Feb 03, 2012
Just posted this all my Facebook,b just in case my friends use this one
catchersmom Feb 02, 2012
I smell huge lawsuit
aznballa161 Feb 02, 2012
This is definitely a big deal. Hopefully a lot of women will hear about the news. Sucks for Pfizer as a company and terrible news for its investors.
austin38 Feb 02, 2012
Pfizer really messed up this time! Hopefully everyone out there is okay!
branie Feb 02, 2012
Passing this along, VERY IMPORTANT to make everyone aware, hopefully the pharmacies would alert their customers as well but it maybe too late, unfortunately, oh my :(
roxyofloxly Feb 02, 2012
I love how Page 2 has only one sentence... its a kinda important. "Women who have used the products should notify their doctors and return the products to their pharmacies."
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fabrizzio Feb 02, 2012
too late now
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poe601 Feb 02, 2012
Great info, pass this along to everyone you know. Very good post!
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FibroMom Feb 02, 2012
Thanks for running this VERY Important article! As a mother of 2 grown daughters (and "4" Grandkids ALREADY) - Called them BOTH when I heard this right away! Love my Grandkids - but didn't want any "Surprises" - if you get my Drift! ;)
tpark6283 Feb 02, 2012
You are welcome!
arsiel Feb 02, 2012
"Surprises" is a nice way to say it :p
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FibroMom Feb 02, 2012
arsiel - it was the "Nicest Way" I could think of. ;)
nimase85 Feb 01, 2012
this could be so scary if your actually taking those pills :/
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zoelee Feb 01, 2012
Anyone need to return the baby along with the pills?
glwrks Feb 01, 2012
"Other than pregnancy, the recalled pills have no health risks other than those usual for the product."...What about the emotional, moral, and possible mortality consequences?!?
arsiel Feb 01, 2012
Happy father's day! :x
themoneyman1113 Feb 01, 2012
Good one :=I wonder how many lawsuits will be filed? Not good in so many ways. Shame things like this happen in the first place.
Christine Feb 01, 2012
succkkksss...that is not good for a lott of people out there
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mrbob Feb 01, 2012