10 Things You Should (Always) Buy in Bulk

Agree on some, disagree on others?
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s_m1978 Mar 26, 2012
Agree on most
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fluffy Mar 26, 2012
I do a lot of shopping at Costco, but I never buy toilet paper, paper towels or plates there. These are among the few items that are NEVER a good deal there. I always buy these things in the large economy size at a grocery store when they're on sale.
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MrBklynW Mar 26, 2012
got some nice information in there, Thanks shimi!
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krmills1 Mar 26, 2012
I don't have the room in my house to buy all that stuff in bulk and store it, otherwise I would buy more bulk items. I wish I had a basement.
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dvinegrace83 Mar 25, 2012
most stuff u buy in bulk is worth it as long as you KNOW you're gonna use it and it won't expire.
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blackfoot Mar 25, 2012
Nice article, something to think about.
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branie Mar 25, 2012
Nice read. Thanks. Toilet Paper, paper towels, laundry detergent for us is what we buy in bulk. Everyone is different for sure. :)
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gangstabarbie Mar 25, 2012
I never buy in bulk. I find most of the stuff on sale, and I stock up moderately. That way I am still saving 20-50% off retail prices, and I am not obligated to buy in bulk to get the discounted price.
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tpark6283 Mar 25, 2012
I usually buy paper products in bulk, that's about it. But I haven't really looked at other prices, now I will. Thanks!
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seanvcxz Mar 25, 2012
Great find. Great tips in this article!
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mnvikings11 Mar 25, 2012
Not everyone has access to a bulk store, so I don't agree hat most of this is a great buy.
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catchersmom Mar 25, 2012
I agree with some and disagree with some
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jasoned Mar 25, 2012
We buy meat in bulk when it's on sale, then use our seal-a-meal to separate and freeze it.
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shimisi Mar 25, 2012
Thanks. I might start doing that too.
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MHT962 Mar 24, 2012
I disagree with most as I find I usually find if you wait for sale prices on smaller amounts it's cheaper than buying at bulk stores. Plus, with stuff like gum: If I buy a ton I'll chew it (like 5X a day) and if I don't buy it, I won't chew it. So, bottom line, I save money not buying it in bulk.
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