7 Reasons Best Buy Won't Be Around in 7 Years - DailyFinance

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What's the matter?
belarus94 Apr 30, 2012
The big problem for Best buy is that they do not (or cannot) do the price matching as Frys stores do. You go to Frys and they do price matching for ANY store, even online. When you try to do that at Best buy they do price match only for stores that have actual buildings, just like them. So I always go to Frys. Yes, Best Buy has decent daily deals where you can get decent item for a decent price. But still you cannot match online retailers.
encorez Apr 30, 2012
funny how this will never make FP.......lol
arsiel Apr 30, 2012
I wonder if they'll have those crazy Going out of Business sales like Borders did. That'd be pretty sweet... and hectic.
gangstabarbie Apr 30, 2012
a best buy by my house already closed down- so im not counting on 7 years
shimisi Apr 30, 2012
Many lessons learned from retail giants that lose steam.
erick99 Apr 29, 2012
It won't take seven years nor will it take two years. BestBuy has turned into a catalog showroom for those who want to see something before they buy it on Amazon. If they somehow remake themselves, possibly into high-end stuff,they might survive. They should focus on cell phones & high end electronics where you have a buyer that isn't so price-sensitive and will pay for the high-margine extras. I don't view BestBuy as a model for consumer-friendly. I think that they will see if the holiday shopping season this year can save and validate them. If not, they will start closing next January.
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dealwagger Apr 29, 2012
Wow, it's still surprising to me that people would rather buy electronics online given that you don't have a physical place to go back to for returns or repairs.
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eclipse31601 Apr 30, 2012
a lot of it has to do with location for me, I rather buy online then waste the gas driving many miles to the nearest Best Buy to get an item...not to mention Amazon usually is much cheaper then BB
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dealwagger May 01, 2012
That makes sense. I guess since there is a little hub with all sorts of businesses-mall, Best Buy, restaurants, etc. it's easy for us.
krmills1 Apr 29, 2012
I am surprised it will last 7 years. They should do like circuit city and go exclusively online only.
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robbit Apr 30, 2012
Circuit City didn't go exclusively online. They went out of business. A separate company then bought the name and website and they're using that site, the same way it bought and is using the sites www.tigerdirect and www.compusa.com, and maybe others. It's one unrelated company behind thouse sites. Not Circuit City. Circuit City is gone.
krmills1 Apr 30, 2012
Oh I didn't know all that! Thanks for the info, I just thought circuit city went through bankruptcy and just kept there online sites only and got rid of there stores.