Amazon Introduces Amazon Coins, Virtual Currency for Buying Apps and Games - ABC News

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If you're a Kindle Fire owner, you've now got 500 free Amazon Coins in your pocket. Of course, that probably means nothing to you at the moment, but those 500 Coins can buy you $5 worth of apps and games in Amazon's App Store.

Today the e-commerce giant announced Amazon Coins, its own digital currency for Kindle Fire owners. You will be able to buy Coins on -- 500 Coins cost $5; 1,000 cost $10; and 10,000, $100 -- and then use them to buy apps and games. If you buy Coins in bulk, Amazon says, you will get a discount on them.

Buy why use Coins and not good old dollars?

Well, Amazon hopes that the Coins will make it easier for customers to buy apps. You buy a chunk of Coins, and you don't have to worry about handing over more cash to Amazon. Amazon also says the Coins never expire and there are no fees.
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