Amazon to open first retail store in Seattle

Amazon is planning to open a store in the Seattle area this year, breaking away from the online world, according to reports from Bloomberg and

Amazon’s first brick-and-mortar location would sell pricier merchandise for its tablet computers, the Kindle e-reader and Kindle Fire. The store will be a test run for Amazon to see if creating a chain of retail outlet stores would be profitable.
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What's the matter?
jigsaw918 Feb 09, 2012
also, i think this would just become an expense and not generate enough revenue to maintain it.
newjerseychickxo Feb 09, 2012
I love Amazon,And I heard their coming to New Jersey,openings for work will help people in need!!
gapotter Feb 09, 2012
I live in Seattle, so have to pay state tax (10%) when I buy from Amazon. Will be interesting to see what they stock - maybe it'll be sort-of a warehouse store?
gapotter Feb 09, 2012
Oh - it's just a store based around the Kindle readers and accessories - woh woh - YAWN!
msimulation Feb 08, 2012
Oh shut, does it mean if they open a retail store on a state then all online purchases would now be taxed because they have a physical retail store locally? I very much hope not...
krmills1 Feb 09, 2012
I think that is how it works! Bummer for those people that live in that state. I hope they don't open a store in my state! :)
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jasoned Feb 09, 2012
That's exactly what will happen. Keeping my fingers crossed that they don't go to my state.
msimulation Feb 09, 2012
Maybe if they call it Kindle store, it'd be a different business from Amazon, then they'd avoid the tax issue... I don't think Amazon wants to lose the online tax advantage, it's a significant advantage for them (and us).
mnvikings11 Feb 08, 2012
If it's going to be just another electronics store like Apple's or Microsoft, then I don't think it will fly, but if they allow to order & pick-up in store at online prices, then it would be a great store to launch.
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Florida2Texas Feb 08, 2012
Yes that's a good option for saving on shipping but wouldn't that mean that you would then have to pay taxes?
MrBklynW Feb 09, 2012
hmmm... that's a good point.

Amazon stay away from NY!
MrBklynW Feb 08, 2012
wow. okay forget it. All retail stores will be pwned!
nimase85 Feb 08, 2012
I would be interested in seeing how that would work ^_^
aznballa161 Feb 08, 2012
This is awesome! They are gonna do big things
nimrodboy3 Feb 08, 2012
oh snap! that's awesome!
Florida2Texas Feb 08, 2012
I think its going to be like the APPLE store both is size and features! Its going to be interesting..
kumslee Feb 08, 2012
wow... it's a good news.
msimulation Feb 08, 2012
"Sources told Amazon doesn’t intend to open a huge store “with thousands of square feet,” and will be modeling it after a boutique. The store will be stocked with their entire Kindle line, along with accessories such as cases, screen protectors and USB adapters."
erick99 Feb 08, 2012
I am very excited about this! They have a big distribution center about an hour from my house so I hope they build one in my area. I will go.
Endlessheero Feb 08, 2012
wow... that must be the biggest store ever... Bigger than Costco. Think about that.
FibroMom Feb 08, 2012
WOW - while we see stores closing and going mostly internet - an Internet only store is opening a physical store?!? Watch our Walmart!
audiocracy Feb 08, 2012
So does that mean I have to go to the Amazon store, order an item, go home and wait until it ships? (:
jasoned Feb 08, 2012
Not sure if I want Amazon in my state. Wouldn't that mean I would have to pay taxes even when I purchased online from Amazon? No Taxes is one thing that makes Amazon so appealing.
themoneyman1113 Feb 08, 2012
Good point we often order from AMAZON to avoid taxes. Although it sounds like they are trying to make all internet purchases taxable at some point in the future :(
branie Feb 08, 2012
I never thought of that either, no more taxes in Taxacusetts!
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