Amazon - Up to $500 Gift Card with Apple Product Trade-In

Click the "Trade in Here" button under "See all Buying Options"
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What's the matter?
aznballa161 Sep 11, 2012
nice, too bad i just sold my iphone
iowahawkeyes Sep 11, 2012
I have a broken iPhone 4, wonder what they can do with that... lol. Seriously its just a paper weight!
MrBklynW Sep 12, 2012
i've actually seen broken iphones go on sale for $99 and up on ebay. they are sold for parts
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Dexterous Sep 11, 2012
ok now i am confused here, this means buying iphone without contract or what?
Norbs Sep 11, 2012
This is actually decent, my iPhone 3G has been sitting collecting dust for months.
deal Sep 11, 2012
Interesting.. Thanks for the heads up... Can't wait to see what the iPhone 5 has to offer tomorrow.. Sooo Excited!!!
tpark6283 Sep 11, 2012
I have an old Iphone and I know a few people who have traded up, will have to see if they still have theirs!
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nthsll Sep 11, 2012
Seriously? You could get an iPhone on a contract extension and immediately use it for a trade in. I know what some of you will say, but I don't use a smart phone. I can pick up a basic cell for 76 bucks on eBay and pocket 350 bones.
diamondg14 Sep 11, 2012
Yea but what you are missing is then you will be Signed up on a Smartphone plan... at around $80/month.. or have to pay the $300+ ETF.
h4x0rmx Sep 11, 2012
and then pay for a data plan that you won't be using?
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nthsll Sep 11, 2012
I bought a smart phone and cancelled it before because I didn't use it. As soon as the smart phone was cancelled, the data plan was as well.